with Elizabeth and Team GODDESS

Highest Level Manifesting

On your way to 6-figures…and beyond?

Manifest your biggest business goals in 30 days or less – including those $10k-$20k months. 😉

THE manifesting system for coaches and practitioners ready for consistent clients and cash WITHOUT the hustle.

Highest Level Transformation

Are you an established Leader who is ready to get more hands raised by Next Level Clients AND easily enroll them WITHOUT getting on the phone?

In HLT, you’ll learn our proven system to easily enroll peeps into your “front door” program without expensive launches, complicated webinar funnels, or Zoom calls. 

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Highest Level LEADER

Already at 6 figures and ready for 50k-100k months (banked in advance)?

In HLLC, we give you a clear path to scale your business to $500k-$1m in annual revenue using the simplest and most efficient marketing and sales methods available. 

You’ll create (or optimize) your offers and messaging to do the heavy lifting FOR you, cutting your marketing and sales time by a third, half, or more (taking back 10-40+ hours of your life every month). 

You’ll also learn our Leadership Scaling Method™ for attracting and enrolling the best of the best clients into your 20k+ group and 1:1 programs – setting the stage for recurring 50k-100k months banked in advance.