Should you promise “the big numbers” – and help those further along –  when you haven’t done it yourself?

This question arises every single time we work with a new group of leaders on packaging their magic into HOT high-end offers.

Every.  Single. Time. 

The sitch goes something like this… 

You’re a master at what you do.  You already help your clients create EPIC results. 

And you’re already working with clients who are “further along” or “more successful” than you. 

Maybe you helped a multi-six-figure business owner clear a ton of trauma – from their borderline mom, absent dad, whatever.   

Next thing you know, they leap to 7-figures.  Or they land their first 100k client.  Or the perfect cash flowing real estate deal.  Or they sign up ten 50k clients, when before… they couldn’t get a single yes. 

So naturally, you’re called to work with more of these “more successful” clients.  You want to promise the big results you know in your heart you can help them get. 

Problem is… you’re not at that multi-six-figures or 7-figures yourself.  Or you don’t have 50k clients yourself.  

That’s when I hear… 

“Elizabeth, can I make the big money promises when I’m not there yet myself?” 

freaking love this question.  This question is a sure sign of epic expansion. 

It’s a sign of Desire – the purpose-driven Desire of your heart. 

Soooo… spoiler alert… the answer is yes. 

In our world, the answer is always yes.   

First… remember that it’s YOUR business.  Therefore, you can do whatever the FUDGE you want. 

You DON’T need to ask permission. 

You don’t need to play by someone else’s rules. 

You DO get to make decisions of your own volition and take full ownership of those decisions. 

There’s an awful lot of “Mother, may I?” in the transformation space. 

When the truth is… no matter how much permission you ask…  

… ultimately, your business is YOUR deal.  You’re calling the shots, directing the ship.  Whether you are aware of it or not. 

Now… this doesn’t mean you’re creating it all on your own.  But YOU are the captain.  The Leader. 

Second, to “use numbers” or to “NOT use numbers” (or to make a big promise) … isn’t really about numbers or promises.   

It’s about Desire, decision and sacred commitment. 

From a Hot Offers perspective… numbers clarify.  They create pictures in the brain. 

This is KEY because language that creates those clear pictures is one of your most effective tools for those “Easy YES”es.   

If the brain can’t “see” it… the brain can’t really decide if it wants it, or not.  (Default answer will be “no.”) 

Meanwhile, if you’re CALLED to make a big promise, or use numbers in your marketing… that tells you something.  

That number (or big promise) is a reflection of a DESIRE of your heart. 

And with that, you have an invitation to stick your stake in the ground. 

If I say that I’m helping Leaders scale to seven figures, without webinars, complicated launches, funnels or sales calls… that is a commitment I make to myself: that I will BE the leader who DOES THAT, becomes the expert in THAT, and leads the way in THAT. 

In other words, I say yes to that Desire, and COMMIT to it. 

Business is about making promises and keeping them.  If you’re not willing to do that, why should anyone work with you? 

The good news is, clients tend to only expect you to be perfect when YOU are carrying around some kinda baggage that says you need to be perfect. 

You don’t need to be perfect.  You GET to be on the path.   

The next thing to consider is… what’s MORE important? 

If you’re going to commit to helping your clients create X number… is it more important that YOU’VE created it, or that you can help THEM create it? 

Totally up to you to decide; what I know is… 

“I did it myself and therefore I can teach” is about YOU. 

“I know I can help them and I’m going to step up and do it” is about THEM. 

Lots of peeps can do it for themselves and NOT lead someone else to it. 

Is that “better” or “worse”? 

(spoiler alert: neither) 

Meanwhile… how many times have you said “I can do this for others, but I struggle to do it for myself?”  😉  

The reason why you can help others all dang day, and you’re still “not there yet” is because you’re on your own path and your own timeline. 

The question is, then… are you going to make YOUR path and timeline the dictator of whether you say YES to your Desire, and help others in the way you know in your heart that you’re meant to? 

Let’s go back to the Laws for a minute… 

The second Law of Desire (our framework for Universal Laws – i.e., basically my “soundbite” way of getting the Laws across) is… 

Desire is the Divine, speaking through you. 

It’s NOT an accident that you’re called to offer a thing. 

You have a Divine Nature.  It is an expression of Source Energy.  It seeks to create.  And speaks through Desire. 

The source of your Desire is the Goddess (if you’re me!) or however you experience Source energy. 

Meanwhile, here on the 3D, you’ve got this cool thing called a neo cortex, and part of its job is to inspire you to REACH for things – generally speaking, things that are in alignment for you. 

And those clients?  The ones who ALREADY have rocked it out working with you? 

They stepped up in response to their asking and calling… (aka Desire)… and YOUR asking and calling (aka Desire). 

So.  Making the big promises… using numbers in your marketing… these are choices.  There’s no “right” or “wrong” answer. 

When making the choice, you can come from your 3D fears, stories, wounds, projections… or 5D Desire. 

On that note, let’s talk about what might very well be the transformational leader’s FAVORITE word… integrity. 

Oh the Desires that get put on the shelf… in the name of integrity! 

If you feel “out of integrity” because you have a story that “you’re not there yet” – I invite you to examine why.   

YOU get to decide what “integrity” means for you.  AND… I would caution you against using “integrity” as a way of staying small and holding back your gifts from those you are meant to help. 

For example… could be that you’re not at [X] number simply because you haven’t yet DECIDED to, and held yourself to that (instead of wriggling out of it)… i.e. NOT because “you can’t” or aren’t capable or whatever? 

Or maybe not.  That’s for you to figure out.   

And… of course stay in integrity for YOU. 

I can tell you this, though… 

At this point, a dozen years into teaching on offers… I have seen literally HUNDREDS of women shrink back from offering the full range of their gifts and powers, in the name of “integrity.” 

Often, it was due to other people’s ideas of integrity, rather than their own. 

By all means, YES, stay in integrity with yourself. 

AND… integrity is personal.  It’s between you and YOU. 

Deep in your heart, you know where that line is… for YOU. 

The irony here… with this “can I make the big promise??” thing, is… in my experience…  the ONLY way you can help peeps create “the thing” with any kind of consistency… is to make the promise and then be IN IT until you DO IT. With them.   

Catch 22, or sacred opportunity? 

And that brings me to my final and most important point. 

When we make the PROMISE and commitment to our Desire, and therefore our Divine Nature, more important than how we look, what other leaders think, what our Moms think, the discomfort of being vulnerable, whatever the fear is… 

… we do a lot more than make a promise. 

We start to UN-DO outdated, damaging paradigms that perpetuate the “power over / power under” dynamic.  In this case, the one that conflates value with what you’ve personally done yourself, instead of what you choose to bring to others. 

Now, obviously… if you bust a move and master something for yourself, that only adds to the value you can bring to others.  Value that you can charge for. 

However, when we start to dismiss our talents because we’re “not there yet”… when we buy into the illusion that our gifts are somehow useless and have no value because we haven’t created that result yet in our own life, when we can clearly create the container that supports others in doing so…  

… we get dangerously close to the harmful white capitalist practices that (purposefully) equates your inherent personal value with what you have done or accomplished. 

Want a new paradigm? 

How about… 

“I choose to bring this value, because it comes from the Divine Spark within me.  I make a loving sacred commitment to BRING IT, because it brings me joy, and serves others.” 

Your inherent personal value is exactly the same as that of your clients: priceless. 

And those “power over / power under” paradigms are up for major revision right now… because it’s well past time to let them go. 

Here in 7-Figure Goddess®, our Standard is… “Thou Art Goddess, and so is everybody else.” 

Divine to Divine, peer to peer. 

It’s a hard standard to hold.  I have my biases, you have your biases, we’re all swimming in the structures that create harm. 

But we hold that Standard, because this is the transformation we’re being asked to create. 


As we bring this transmission to a place of completion… I’ve got a question for you. 

Think of your offers. 

What do you really want to promise? 

What is the Desire of your heart, vis-a-vis helping others, and bringing more life to all? 

Get clear on that first. 

Then, putting aside all judgments, fears and the monkey mind… and looking at what you HAVE helped others create, and what you are capable of…  

… Are you willing to put your stake in the ground? 

… Are you willing to promise THAT, so you can live into THAT, be your unique expression of THAT? 

We can keep hanging out in the story, in the old paradigm, in the power over/under, OR… 

… we can just get down to the business of helping people and making the munnies. 

It’s a decision, just like everything else. 

Love & magic & cheering you ON… 


PS: What did this spark for you?  

Head over to Ultra-Premium Client Attraction and leave me a comment over on my transmission about this.

I’d love to know your thoughts… 

PPS: One thing I know for certain, 12 years into the “offers game”… 

When a Leader says YES to what they are REALLY here for, and knows how to package their Highest Level Work into a couple of Hot Offers that (practically) sell themselves, turn $5k clients into $25k clients, and effortlessly line up recurring revenue ($50k-$100k+, banked in advance)… 

… that Leader becomes unstoppable. 

And their income? 

Usually doubles, or even triples. 

(Not braggin‘, just sayin‘ that our clients routinely go from $200k to $500k, low six figures to $400k plus, $300k to 7-figures and beyond.) 

You get paid the MOST for your Highest Level Work, positioned exactly for the Highest Level Clients who – I believe – are Divinely Contracted to work with you. 

Have you said YES to that, and now you need the offers that sell, then scale? 

Contact us NOW and we’ll see if we can help.  

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