When we work with transformational leaders, one of the things they most resist is something I call “The GRIND.” 

What is the GRIND? 

It’s putting a TON of effort and energy into something… only to have it NOT produce the desired results. 

For example… 

Spending hours and HOURS on sales calls… with some of those calls going 90 minutes… only to end in NO SALE.   

Working for weeks, and sometimes even MONTHS, on a webinar or launch… only to have it produce a fraction of the results. 

Or… working for weeks, even MONTHS, on webinars or launches… in order to sign ANY peeps up in the first place! 

Sometimes the fear of The Grind is a deeper fear of blowing your circuits. 

I mean… what would happen if you DID sign up 20+ high-end clients right now?    

Would you have a way of serving them… that also serves YOU?  

Would you have a way of working that keeps you in your zone of genius… keeps your afternoons free for whatever’s important to you… and keeps your nervous system from shutting down new opportunities for MORE income and expansion…? 

Fear of OVERWORK is one of the secret (or NOT so secret) fears that keeps transformational leaders from scaling their business to HIGH multi-six-figures… and beyond. 

And it’s actually a GOOD fear. 

Your 3D human system is REALLY smart.   

Physical life-force energy is an honest-to-goodness ceiling for all of us. 

I mean… I can’t speak for your brain? 

I can say, with confidence, that it MIGHT be looking at what’s being touted out there – the webinars, the sales calls, ads, sales teams, product launches, live events…  

…and then silently putting the brakes on. 

Which is why I’m doing a new LIVE transmission in our Facebook Group, Ultra-Premium Client Attraction 

How to Cut Your Marketing (And Hustle)… in HALF 

Live Transmission with Elizabeth 

Happening Wednesday, November 17th at 11am PT 

The Ultra-Premium Client Attraction Facebook Group 

We’re going to be looking at the REAL reasons why transformational leaders are on the overwork train. 

And – of course! – what you can do instead to start freeing up some time, NOW. 

I’m called to put this on because we hear from SO many Leader Magicians – experts in their field of transformation, who’ve been at both their craft AND business-building for a while… 

… who are holding back from blowing up their magic, because they haven’t found a sustainable way to SCALE to high-multi-six or seven figures. 

Meanwhile, our clients consistently sign up clients at fees of $15k-$50k…. without webinars, launches or getting on the phone. 

If you’re ready to leave this unconscious fear behind… I think you’re going to love this LIVE transmission. 

It’s going down in the Ultra-Premium Client Attraction Facebook Group at 11am PT on Wednesday.  (Go here to join if you’re not in there already.) 

It’s my first LIVE in a while, so it’s going to be fun.   
See you there!

Love & magic, 


PS: If you think the title – “How To Cut Your Marketing (And Hustle) In HALF” is hype-y… 

… I don’t blame ya. 

But we have plenty of clients for whom this is ACCURATE. 

I’ll tell you about a few of ‘em on the LIVE. 

It happens this Wednesday at 11am PT, in the Ultra-Premium Client Attraction Facebook Group.  Can’t wait! 

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