$40,000 from a SINGLE post?

That’s what one of our past Highest Level Leader clients shared with me in a private conversation last week. 

But not just ANY post… one that uses the Nurture Hand Raiser Formula we teach in both Highest Level Transformation (where we help you create a Front Door Offer that enrolls your $20k+ clients) and Highest Level Leader (where we optimize your Front Door, Lunch Date aka lead generation offer and Recurring Income Offer to scale to $500k-$1m without webinars, launches or sales calls). 

The Nurture Hand Raiser Formula is pretty powerful. 

It works with your clients’ awesome brain to ETHICALLY and lovingly move them toward the sale – IF it’s the right move for them. 

(Believe it or not, very few “content formulas” out there actually DO that…. which is one of the reasons why many of you are pounding out so much content all the dang time.)


Even “the formula” (ha! – yes, I know you hate formulas) is for SHITE without ONE thing…. 

… the RIGHT words.

What are the RIGHT words?

The ones that actually RESONATE and SPEAK to your Highest Level Client. 

These words (which I will call something other than “right” because there is no right or wrong, really)… are power. 

Power to transform, persuade… and heal.

Because you know that persuasion is REQUIRED if you want to transform and heal, yeah? 

And… not gonna mince words…

It takes WORK to find these words. 

For some of you, it will take more work than others.

Years ago, one of my mentors said, “Elizabeth, everyone loves me when our work is all over, but they kinda hate me when they’re going through it.” 

These days, I understand what he meant.

Resonating, relating, meeting your Highest Level Client where they are…. requires MASSIVE amounts of getting OUT of your own perspective, your own sh*t, your own NEED to have “it” be expressed in a certain way…. 

… and fully stepping into THEIR experience. 

It requires, for two seconds, to DROP the fears of “I’ll have to hide parts of myself!!” and “I won’t be fully self-expressed!!!” get the fudge over yourself, and make connecting with THEM more important than anything.

This is a BIG aspect of 5D Leadership. 

Loving heads up: most businesses are about WIDGETS, not creative full self expression. 

Your business is NOT meant to heal all the issues in your tissues.

In the transformation space, we tie the two (biz and full self expression) together. 

Which is WONDERFUL, of course, and part of our path.  

And make no mistake – you DO get to be fully self expressed.

This client who “graduated” (because yes, my loves, I am fully on board with peeps graduating and making their way in the world, rather than hooking them into paying me $30k for the next 20 years, like some of us were taught)…

She’s FULLY in her purpose. FULLY in her power. FULLY on.

And FULLY living her life.

She’s NOT posting on Facebook or Insta all day; indeed, she wound up cutting her work hours way down – like 3/4ths of the way down. (Tho like all of us, she applies more time when required.)

And because she did that work, of getting out of “me me me” and FULLY getting into the “WE” which is, where her clients and She intersect…. she can put out a single post and have it bring her $40,000. 

Even after being away for a little while.

When on the transformation path, we can either dabble on the surface, collecting dopamine hits at Yet Another Weekend Workshop… 

OR… we can roll up our sleeves, do the deep dive into consciousness, and actually SHIFT our consciousness. Forever. 

In my experience, it’s the same thing with business.

We can collect the dopamine hits from challenges, launches, the next sale, etc… 

And sure, these things are FUN and profitable, and can help a lot of people.

But at some point, if we really want to create the kinds of results that we’re dreaming about, in both building the business and in the client work itself… 

… at some point, we trade the dopamine hit for being IN the inquiry around what our ideal clients really want – where our MAGIC meets their deepest pains and problems – for as long as it f’ing takes to find that sweet spot.

Hot Husband is an artist. 

And he loves all these obscure artists, yeah? 

One of them is a woman named Anne Truitt (pictured below). Sculptor. Got started late. Made art while raising a bunch of kids on her own. 

“I would never trade JOY for ‘fun,'” she is known for saying.

I can hang out, surface level, 3D style, in the transformation industry, collecting dopamine hits. It’s fun.

Or I can do the work of finding that exact sweet spot of where my magic meets IMPACT. Which is allll about my CLIENTS – y’alls – NOT me. 

“$40,000 from one post” success stories are a joy. (And have their own kind of dopamine, of course.)

Even mo‘ better, IMHO, though, is watching the ripple effects of that.

Even better is knowing that I’m playing my role in the evolution of consciousness that we say we all want.

Even BETTER is being able to finally look back and go, “Ahhhh…. I see where it was all leading. Goddamn, that Goddess is so much smarter than my tiny brain!”

When you truly have faith in your magic, and YOU get good with “doing you”… you don’t have to cling so tightly to what it looks like. 

And then you can do the work.

The work of deep connection with your people. Not just so you can “market” to them… but so you can help them transform.  

So you can choose JOY, along with your fun. 

Thank you for being here, and being on the path with me, and the 7-Figure Goddess® team. Means more than you will ever know.

This one’s a little edgy for me. Does it resonate?

Let me know with a comment below. 

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