Want to hear something REALLY cool? 

(This is one of my favorite success stories ever…) 

A little while ago, one of our Highest Level Leaders SOLD OUT dozens of spots of her ultra-premium program…. 40 days EARLY.  

Without getting on any sales calls. 

Like, at ALL. 

Amazing, right? 

THIS is the power of Hot Offers that Sell Themselves. 

Our Goddess consciously used several “power tools” to create this miracle-like result. 

One, she’s a full-on YES to the work she’s here for.   None of the ‘ol “I’ll offer this because I think it’ll sell” for her.  

Two, she has a KILLER offer, that uses all four of the Core Easy Yes Offer Principles.  (More on that in a sec.) 

Three, she took boatloads of aligned action. 

But not TOO much… because she likes to play with how LITTLE “work” she needs to do, in order to create the result. 

FLOW and FREQUENCY are her jam… and she’s a master manifestor, so she knows that “doing more” – i.e. physical exertion – actually takes you away from your quantum leap. 

Successes like these are just one of the reasons why I’m SO excited about our new [LINK] Hot Offers Masterclass! [/LINK] 

I know there are a zillion bright and shiny tactics and strategies out there, [NAME]. 

Your newsfeed is choked with people screaming at you about the latest and greatest “thing you MUST DO!!!” to scale your business to $50k-$100k months. 

This story demonstrates why your OFFERS, and how you structure your OFFERS… comes before ANYTHING ELSE you implement, in terms of marketing. 

I teach on offers because… they’re the essence of quantum money LEAPS.  AND because the PRINCIPLES are hard-and-fast TRUTHS. 

Not because I said so… 

… but because the Core Offer Principles are based in human psychology that HASN’T changed a bit in tens of thousands of years. 

These principles are the reason behind our new Hot Offers Masterclass. 

We call it the Hot Offers Masterclass because we’re going to give you some of our very best stuff on how we help our clients create offers that sell themselves… 

 WITHOUT webinars, launches, or longAF sales calls.   

We’ll walk through the 4 Core Offer Principles behind Easy YES Offers – offers that are so irresistible, you don’t even have to get on the phone to sell them. 

Would an offer that sells itself be useful to you? 

We find that this is the FOUNDATION of scaling your transformational business to $1m+ WITHOUT all the “marketing stuff” that is like a second job. 

Contact us NOW to join us for the next round of the Hot Offers Masterclass. 

Love & magic, 


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