I’ve been quiet over here for a couple weeks… 

… because after leading the Hot Offers Masterclass to wild success (we’re still getting comments)… we’ve had some big up level ls behind the scenes – especially around my own Highest Level Frequency and how I’m being asked to show up. 

I’m being asked to BE the 5D CEO, transitioning from being very hands-on with certain things (translation: doing it all and having it all revolve around me 😉 )  

… to being in co-creative partnership and allowing others to lend their gifts to our mission in an even bigger way. 

When we’re creating massive expansion in biz, we can do it from a place of making ourselves the “source” of all-the-things, and all-the-results… OR we can allow Source to be the source. 

We can allow SOURCE to deliver the infinite resources (time, energy, the right people, money) that are ALWAYS available, when we allow them in. 

To that end… lately, I’ve been going back to the basics: the spiritual TRUTHS that govern the creation of our reality – aka Universal Law. 

Universal Law is the spiritual truth behind how things are done around here on the physical plane… and how things show up. 

Want more clients?   There’s a law for that. 

Want 100k clients?   There’s a law for that. 

Want to lead your clients to brag-worthy results that fill your programs for you?  There’s a law for that. 

Calling in a team to help you co-create your dream?  

There are definitely laws for that! 

When you want to multiply without extra effort-ing, and create something much greater than you – greater than you could have ever hoped for or imagined… 

… then it’s time to get an alignment with the Law. 

To that end…  I had an idea. 

I’m thinking about diving deeper into the Laws, over in our Ultra-Premium Client Attraction Facebook group.

As we build out the next phase of 7-Figure Goddess®… we’ve been going back to basics of the Laws that govern creation. 

So I thought it might be cool to take you with me, and share some of what I’m reconnecting to. 

Would you watch some transmissions on using the Laws to scale your business? 

(Specifically: scaling to 500k-$1m as a transformational leader, high profit, WITHOUT a lot of extra “stuff” – webinars, launches, live events, complicated marketing, or getting on the phone.) 

If that’s a YES for you…. do me a favor? 

Scoot on over to Ultra-Premium Client Attraction and let me know, by dropping an emoji or comment on this post

That’ll let me know that it be useful to you (and therefore worth our while). 😉 

Love and magic, 


PS:  sometimes joke that my ego needs validation that SOMEONE out there will consume our content… before we make it. 

I’m kinda joke-y about it… but also very serious. 


Because the Law tells us that it is a huge energetic leak to give away your creative gifts to those NOT willing to receive it. 

This is why over-giving is so damaging.  (One of the reasons.) 

And why taking over-responsibility for your clients is also a huge leak. 

By Law, if you want to receive (aka growth), first you must give. 

However, giving ONLY occurs when that which you are giving is actually taken in, received and put to use. 

This is a big reason why we DON’T just make content for the heck of it.” 

We are here to be of service to you. 

Making content that nobody wants or watches is out of alignment with Law. 

This is one of the sneaky ways that transformational leaders drain their Creative Power and block their good. 

Want a little help with that? 

(See what I did just there? 😉 ) 

Go HERE and let me know.

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