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How to Show Up as a Transformational Leader During a Pandemic…
Serve, Sell, and Scale Your Business

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Elizabeth Purvis
Founder, Feminine Magic® 

In Feminine Magic®, our specialty is leading 6-figure+ coaches, healers, mentors and spiritual teachers to embody their Highest Level and create $500k – $1m in annual revenue…. without webinars, launches, complicated funnels, or sales calls. 

Elizabeth Purvis is a master business coach and teacher of magic and Universal Law to thousands of women around the world. She is the creator of Feminine Magic®, where her specialty is leading 6-figure+ coaches, healers, mentors and spiritual teachers to embody their Highest Level and scale their businesses on demand…. without webinars, launches, or sales calls.

Elizabeth combines her in-depth expertise of transformational coaching, digital marketing, and online entrepreneurship with her two decades of metaphysical practice to empower her clients to manifest their biggest, boldest money while delivering their soul-purpose work.  Her client’s phenomenal, real world results are known and unparalleled in the industry. Many of them quickly create massive income breakthroughs.

A priestess & practitioner of Western esoteric traditions for over 20 years and with over a decade online in the personal development industry, Elizabeth is a Master Business Coach, income breakthrough mentor, certified Akashic Records Trainer ( and certified Master NLP Practitioner (NLP Marin).   

In another life, she was an engineer, and holds a masters of computer science from New York University.   She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, the artist Leland Purvis, and their daughter Brigit. 


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