Our industry doesn’t need any more “coaches who coach coaches coaching coaches.” 

(Warning … this is a little more rant-y than I usually get around here ;)) 

Specifically, coaches who specialize in – and maybe even create some success in – some other niche, then all of a sudden decide to hang out their shingle as business coaches. 

This is on my mind after a day of throwing out old client files from 2011.  #movinghouse  

Or maybe it’s because I’ve been in conversation with a woman who reached out after coming off the heels of working with someone who has her running Facebook ads to sell a twelve-week-long, $7500 program. (She hasn’t seen results yet.) 

OK, so… 

I know it’s tempting to go the business coach route when you see business coaches charging so much for their services. 

I know it can feel like it’s gonna be an “easy win”… especially after you busted your bananas to make 6-figures as a relationship coach or a health coach or whatever.

But here’s the thing…  

It’s NOT easy.

Like anything else, it takes a MASSIVE investment in time, failed experiments, messing up royally with clients who are paying you… and – of COURSE – some serious coin paid to learn the skills, to actually be somewhat adept at this, SOME of the time.   

WHILE learning other disciplines, like, you know, actual COACHING.  And transformational magic. 

(Both of which, I maintain, are requirements to be successful as a business coach in this environment.) 

WHILE finding your own voice and flow.  WHILE building your own business in full-ass view of everyone.

Also, you have to, you know, actually LIKE the business piece.  And LIKE marketing and sales.  

And not just a little.  (Because let’s face it – most coaches and healers don’t.  Like business, that is.) 

You gotta get in bed with business AND marketing (horrors!) enough to grasp NOT the generalities, but the finer distinctions. 

Because let’s be real – the real money is made in the DEEPER understanding and FINER distinctions, rather than the generalities. 

That scared me for a long time.  I used to see all my copywriting teachers talk about how they made a zillion dollars from twiddling one word in the headline.  Or twiddling the payment plan.  Or the guarantee. 

And I would think, good golly, how on EARTH am I ever gonna pull that off?

Practice, that’s how.  And LOVING it.

I know this because these days, our clients can go from crickets to selling out after we twiddle a few words. 

(That magic trick did NOT come easy.  I’m still humbled pretty much every time it happens, even though I know damn well why it does, and can practically predict it in most cases.)

ALSO.  These days, clients are a LOT more discerning.  As well they should be. 

I’ve been doing this for over a decade. 

Used to be that you could show your clients how to throw together a 6-month program using the “2 calls per month, Facebook group and a live retreat” model that everyone has been teaching since 2010.

That doesn’t fly anymore. Honestly I’m not sure it ever did. But that’s a conversation for another day 🙂

Point is… seeing business coaching, or anything else, as an “opportunity,” when it’s NOT in your lane… is likely not gonna be of service to you.  

And certainly NOT your clients. 

There are far easier ways to make your millions…

It’s not that you CAN’T up and become a business coach.  Of course you can!

As my dad is fond of saying, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”  #truth 

But WHY go through all that work, when your genius is somewhere and something ELSE?

You want to be a master business coach, or a master at anything – you’re going to pay the price.

So why not funnel that energy into what you REALLY want to do?

If your genius magic includes business coaching, awesome.  It’s certainly part of mine.

But transformation industry doesn’t need any more coaches who coach coaches coaching coaches

The COLLECTIVE needs magic.  YOUR magic.

Luckily, there is ALWAYS a way to package it so that your Highest Level Clients happily give you thousands of dollars to help them. 

Without getting on the phone, even!

Be brave enough to just DO THAT.

And stay in the game long enough to figure it out, rather than taking the “I thought this would be easy” way out.

Because that’s really where the magic happens 😉

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