Every biz needs lead generation. The attraction of NEW PEEPS into your pipeline. (And hopefully, your programs.) 

Like everything in biz, there are a zillion ways to go about it. The question is… what’s the most effective and useful way for YOU? 

For example… 

When you pack 3 months’ worth of “value” into a $27 product… 

(A trend I’ve been seeing all up in my Facebook feed of late…) 

….you’re sticking a certain stake in the ground. 

Clients PERCEIVE you in a certain way. 

Because like it or not, we, the human race, automatically attach more perceived value to something that costs more. 

Back when I was first getting started with high end, my teachers always made a big deal out of this. 

“You need to create exclusivity! And specialness! You’re not for everyone!” 

Well, okay. There’s some truth to that. 

On the other hand, I’m not really down for promoting power over/power under, separation consciousness either. 

My spiritual integrity notwithstanding…  … the fact remains that clients will put you in a certain bucket if you’re charging $27 for something that should be, like, $1000 or more. 

What’s more… as soon as you put that $27 stake in the ground, you’re pre-determining your NEXT price. 

I’m not saying that people NEVER go from $27 to $5k or $20k. Not at all! 

But if you’re putting 3 months’ worth of value into a $27 thing to “get leads”… 

They’re not necessarily going to be QUALIFIED for the deeply transformational programs you’re REALLY out to fill – no matter how many “marketing experts” tell you that a $7 ebook gives you qualified leads. 

They might be. They can be! But this is really tricky to figure out, since the customary teaching on it tends to trigger our over-giving muscles. 

In other news…. 

I had a tripwire once. 

We took the punchline of my manifesting course OUT of the course and put it into a $27 product. 

We sold HUNDREDS of them. Hundreds. 

Guess how many peeps went on to buy the ACTUAL course…?? 

Like, maybe 5. 

Because a “manifesting” tripwire at $27 put me firmly in the camp of the Law-of-Attraction, white-light-fluffy-bunny peeps, bless them… no matter how much I tried to position it for “ambitious women.” 

Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that there is absolutely nothing “fluffy bunny” about the way I’ve practiced magic for the past TWENTY YEARS.  

You get the point. 

So if you want to get PAID to get clients for your $20k+ programs… 

Here’s what we’ve found works really well. 

Instead of selling a bunch of $27 products and hoping your “leads” will sign up for the next thing… 

LEAD your best-of-the-best clients to a SINGLE result. 

Invite them to actually WORK with you. For a fee, of course.  

We usually have our clients charge $3k-$10k for this initial offering, which we call an Easy YES Front Door Offer. 

It’s an “Easy YES” because when you design it right, you can sell it over Messenger, with zero time on the phone. 

When you put a SINGLE amazing transformation into a short-term program priced at, say, 3k to 8k… where does THAT put you on the client perception – slash – attraction spectrum? 

Much, much more in the camp of the clients you want! 

No matter how you choose to call in new peeps… DO it. 

Transformational leaders are needed NOW. 

Comment BELOW if this made a light come on for you! 

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