You’re In!

7-Figure Goddess Frequency Formula

(The standards)

Wahoo!  You’re IN for the 7-Figure Frequency Formula!!!

Otherwise affectionately known as… “The Standards Book-Writin’ Deep Dive” with Elizabeth.

(So named as she’ll be writing the Standards book and designs the corresponding course during your time together!)

Please keep this email as it contains all the nitty gritty details about the program.

An Overview Of What You’ll Be Up To, and the RESULTS… 

Over the course of 12 weeks, Elizabeth will be walking you through a deep-dive activation of each of the Standards, in biz and life… “installing” the Frequency, or way of BE-ing, of a 7-figure transformational leader.

We’re going to activate these energies, both on the non-physical planes, AND in very practical ways here on the “3-D” – so you can collapse time on the journey to 7-figures.

The Standards are the “90% ENERGY” part of our favorite equation – 90% energy, 10% execution – as you’re scaling your biz to 7-figures in the most efficient way possible.

As we go, we’ll put the Standards into practice with a VERY practical goal: a cash injection of $100k or more in 90 days.

ALSO along the way…. Elizabeth will be working on the BOOK and collecting success stories for the book itself and marketing materials related to the book!

How We’ll Roll – the call schedule, etc. 

Calls will be held on THURSDAYS at our favorite time of NOON Pacific (12pm PT).

We begin on August 18th!!

The current schedule is as follows:

All calls will be 12pm PT – 1:30pm PT / 3pm ET – 4:30pm ET. 

Week 1 – August 18

Week 2 – August 25

Week 3 – September 1

Week 4 – September 8

Week 5 – September 15

Week 6 – September 22

Week 7 – September 29

Week 8 – October 6

Week 9 – October 13

Week 10 – October 20

Week 11 – October 27

Week 12 – November 3

All that said… please note that this is, in essence, a “beta” of what will become the Standards course… so FLEXIBILITY is the order of the day! 

In full transparency, because there is an element of creating in real time…  Elizabeth is not 100% sure how it’s gonna go down!

We may move calls from time to time, switch to a recording in a given week…

There will be some flex, some shifts, some stayin’ on your toes… please keep this in mind.

And, of course, we’ll keep you posted of any changes, as soon as possible.

Zoom Access Details… 

Please use the following ZOOM link for all calls…

Facebook Group… 

As usual, we’ll have a Facebook group where you can plug in and get additional coaching, feedback and “juju” between calls.

We’ll send out an email with the Facebook Group link shortly.  Keep your peepers peeped!

Team Contact 

Throughout the 12 weeks, Elizabeth will be leading the charge on the content and the coaching in the group.

Elizabeth DOES NOT handle any “fiddly bit” style operational details.  All of those should be directed to the team at

Kailey Abbruzzi, our operations support, and MaryAnn McNulty, our Program Delivery Manager, will also be in the Facebook group for additional support.

Woo hoo!  We can’t wait to get started on this EPIC uplevelling journey!

Love & magic,
Elizabeth and the 7-Figure Goddess® Team