Soooo much of embodying your Highest Level Frequency and manifesting the life you choose is about being IN it and staying the course…

Even when (especially when) you want to quit, run away, or give up.

I know very, very well what it’s like to want to give up.

I have been an avoider my entire life.

My magician’s journey over the past couple of years has been very much about coming to grips with this, and doing some very difficult, not-very-talked about, intense work around it.

What I’ve learned along the way is that SO many people suffer with either avoidant or anxious attachment patterns.

These patterns get activated when we feel insecure or unsafe, like oh, say … living through a global pandemic? 😉

And they’re not uncommon … conservatively speaking, at LEAST 40% of the population have them.

Experts will tell you it’s more like 70% or 80%, especially among people my age… and yet most people have no clue what these patterns are!

An avoidant pattern makes the resistance 10x worse, the desire to flee 10x as strong, and loneliness 10x as prevalent and 10x as intense.

Which means, YEP. Sometimes (many times) I wanna let resistance win.

Of course, I don’t…

Because my Desire is stronger—WAY stronger.

And so is yours.

If you listen to it, your Desire will easily trump any distortion, any illusion, any inner slave driver, and yes… even these crazy times we’re living in right now.

Easily, easily. Desire trumps all—IF you listen to it.

What it does NOT trump is… discomfort.

And therein lies the blessing.

To have what you truly Desire —not “stuff,” but soul purpose Desire, what we’re here to be, do, have and heal —you must look square in the eye what hurts the most.

(Note: those with the avoidant pattern are not the only avoiders. 😉 )

Not only that, you must run at it, full steam ahead, arms flailing, barbaric YAWP-ing over the rooftops and then back to the ground…

Because when you’re in this body you can’t be hanging out in the spiritual rafters all day (barbaric YAWPs notwithstanding).

You are asked, even, to smile.

And to be okay with it.

And to STAY IN IT even if it FEELS like it threatens to burn you up.

And even have FUN while you’re at it…

…Because good golly, you’re not here just to shift patterns all day; you’re here to live and love and take in MORE. And you get to do that, in the burn.

It’ll burn you up, all right. But that’s the point. The whole point.

That’s the alchemy, you see. This is transmutation, dear Goddess.

It’s what the alchemists were up to. And the modern magicians still are.

It’s what we’re being asked to do right now, both individually and on a collective scale.

Because what’s on the other side is pure gold.

Sooooo… if you’re in this process and you’re in that twisty-bendy-shapeshifting-brain-on-fire part… I got you.

If you’re just staring at it, afraid to go there… but know that the only way out is through, you’re right. And… I got you.

I can tell you… you’re not alone.

I can tell you… it’s all worth it.

I can tell you… it’s the only way.

Your Desire is way stronger than anything you fear right now.

YOU are stronger, more powerful, than you can imagine.

Which means you’re gonna be more-than-OK.

Miraculous, more like. Miraculous.

And I got you.

Love & magic,


P.S. When the resistance is REAL and all we want to do is run away … access to Love and Truth is more important than ever.

Our last Akashic Records Divine Guidance Intensive was a huge success, but a TON of peeps wanted to join that couldn’t due to date conflicts.

So … we’re thinking about doing another one at the end of August.

This powerful two-day experience will give you access to unconditional love, wisdom, truth and love on-demand which is especially important in navigating times of change and upheaval.

Curious if you would be interested?

If so, post in comments below 🙂


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