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The Money Manifesting
Formula 2.0

The ONLY Money Manifesting Training You’ll Ever Need 

Our proven formula to manifest ANY amount of money on command.  Use your hidden spiritual genius to manifest money and bust through your current money ceiling.

Be A Money Magnet®

An Immersion In Real Money Magic for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs

Ancient wisdom meets real-world strategy to magnetize greater and greater amounts of money with ease, consistently.  Get out of “gotta get a client” or “make money now” mode and activate the 18 energies that make you magnetic to money.  Learn the esoteric secrets of money attraction, with practical, real-world steps to activate them in your business.

Get Clients in 30 Days

The Proven Path to Get High-Paying Clients FAST

My simple action plan lays out exactly what to do, day by day, to attract new clients and add $2,000-$5,000+ to your bank account in 30 days or less… without a fancy website, perfect niche or email list.


How To Sign Up $35k Clients Without Sales Calls

Discover how our clients free up 10+ hours per week (and keep the sales team commissions in their pocket) using simple strategies to line up recurring income without webinars, launches, complicated funnels or sales calls.