Calling All Experienced Coaches, Healers, and Spiritual Teachers… 

Ready to SCALE Your Transformational Business….
….Without Webinars, Funnels, Launches, or Sales Calls?

Our new no-cost Facebook community will show you how. 

A few years ago, I had a hugely successful online transformational coaching business … complete with all the fancy online marketing that went with it. 


I was exhausted every day, and completely burnt out from all the “marketing fiddly bits” that went into getting high-level, premium clients. 

Worst of all, I wasn’t doing my magic – the transformational work that I’m REALLY here to do! 

So I dismantled everything, and started basically from scratch. 

Elizabeth Purvis
Founder of Feminine Magic®

And re-built my business back to its previous revenue in a little over a year.

WITHOUT complicated funnels, launches, webinars, or even getting on the phone. 


I’ve created a new Facebook community for transformation leaders who want to scale their businesses WITHOUT spending half their life (and precious free time!) marketing and selling. 

I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing how our clients are scaling their Highest Level Transformation – the work they’re BORN to do – WITHOUT webinars, launches, and all the things that turn marketing into a second full-time job.  😉 

Here’s some of what we cover…  

  • The secret reason why your sales process – including sales calls and even a sales team – is dragging you down, and what you need to put into place instead 
  • How to streamline your marketing SO effectively that potential clients say yes to premium-priced offers QUICKLY and without time-consuming relationship building (and without you sitting at your computer all day, every day!) 
  • Why the “high touch” approach in your premium offers can actually disempower your clients (and COST you big time income)… and what to shift in order to create a truly High Level, transformational experience, WITHOUT enabling your peeps, or burning yourself into the ground.  

Members of our group regularly go on to enroll their top-of-the-line, Highest Level offerings WITHOUT webinars, launches, complicated funnels, paid traffic or endless sales calls. 

Want in?  

Request to join the group below 

ELIZABETH PURVIS is a master business coach and metaphysical teacher to thousands of women around the world. She is the creator of Feminine Magic®, where her specialty is leading experienced coaches, healers, mentors and spiritual teachers to embody their Highest Level and scale their businesses on demand…. without webinars, launches, or sales calls. Through her business coaching and metaphysical training programs, she empowers her clients to manifest their biggest, boldest money and lifestyle goals while delivering their soul-purpose work. 


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