So are you longing to quit with the overwork and “hustle mode,” and call in your BIGGEST goals – money and otherwise – with a fraction of the effort? 

There’s a critical step you MUST take first, and that is… 

Accept personal responsibility for creating your results… and everything else in your life. 

Responsibility not a sexy topic – and let’s face it, it can bring up some huge resistance.   

But accepting ownership – aka personal responsibility –  is absolutely critical to creating what you want.  (I often call it “Step Zero” because it comes before “step 1” in any strategy.) 

Open just about any book on success written in the last 100 years, and you’ll find a passage on personal responsibility, usually at the very beginning.   

In any coaching or mentoring program, there are always people who are rocking it, and people who are just getting by.  What do the rockstars all have in common? 

You might say that it’s luck, or they’re just naturally more talented.   

Look underneath all that, though, and you’ll find the common denominator is taking 100% ownership of EVERYTHING in their lives and every RESULT they create.  

Nobody gets to the million-dollar mark in business or life without accepting 100% responsibility for their results.   

And the reason why is simple… 

Personal responsibility puts your power where it belongs… with YOU.   

It’s what allows you to reclaim whatever power you may have given away through blame, shame or inaction. 

Ownership = Personal power.   

This does not mean total control of everything, because none of us have that.  

But taking responsibility for what you can control (your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, responses) is enough to make a profound difference in the trajectory of your life. 

So you might ask: “Does this mean that all of the bad stuff that has happened to me is my fault?” 

Of course not.  Taking responsibility is not the same as taking the blame.   

You are not responsible for what others do, or have done.  You are simply taking responsibility for YOUR role, whatever it may be – including how you are going to respond now. 

You can’t change something that happened, but by accepting ownership of YOUR role in it (and you always have a role)… you open the door to understanding why it happened, the kind of effect it’s having on you, and what you want to do about it in this moment.  

And it’s not about accepting responsibility that belongs to others.   

Ownership means taking control of the parts of your life that ARE in your control, and letting go of the rest. 

I know this is a radical idea.  Most of us are raised in societies that fail to teach responsibility in any way, to the point of encouraging victimhood.  (It’s always someone else’s fault, etc.)  

And this kind of mentality is so prevalent, we often don’t even know when we’re engaging in it.  We often don’t even realize we’re blaming.   

But now it’s time to get conscious, because blaming or projecting onto others makes your experience dependent upon something or someone outside of yourself, and this will keep you in a holding pattern for a long time. 

So if you don’t have what you want, Step 0 is to look at how much you’re really taking responsibility. 

(You may resist this, say you’ve already done it, whatever – beware of this ego trick!) 

Here’s a simple exercise to get started: 

  1. Think of a Desire you’ve been trying to create in your life, but it hasn’t happened yet.
  1. Where are you not taking responsibility?  This could be not admitting the truth, being unwilling to take action, allowing yourself to be distracted, etc.  (Be super-kind to yourself here – this is NOT about beating yourself up or making yourself wrong.  This is about transforming your life.)
  1. Ask yourself: are you willing to take full responsibility now?
  1. What would that look like?  What action will be required of you?
  1. If you’re ready: make the decision to take 100% responsibility for that area of yourlife and the outcome(s) you have experienced so far.
  1. Commit to taking the actions – and know by when.  (Get accountability if you need to.)
  1. Celebrate that you’ve taken this step! 

This is a powerful ritual that can change your life.  

But whatever you accept responsibility for and commit to, plan to do it.   Broken commitments wreak havoc on your self-esteem. 

I remember the moment I got really clear on the WHY of personal responsibility.  It was when one of my mentors said, “The reason to take full responsibility is simply because there is no reason NOTto.” 

There is no downside to taking 100% responsibility for your life. 

There is no downside to owning your power to create change. 

So are you ready?  Take “Step 0” and get ready to start calling in your BIGGEST goals like never before.   You got this.  🙂 

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