I don’t know about you, but…

With ALL my heart, I’ve always believed that “the magicians” – the coaches, healers, mentors, and teachers who are in the business of transformation

are REALLY here to shift consciousness on the planet.

Here in the coaching industry we talk about “shifting consciousness” a lot.

And in the past couple of weeks, we’ve gotten some epic clarity on what that REALLY is going to entail.

I believe that transformational leaders can play a HUGE role in the shifts that are coming.

I’ve always felt that.

Since I first started this jam, years ago.

And I know many of you in our community feel it too.

It’s one of the reasons WHY our industry has grown so much in the past 5 years or so.

We’ve seen the influx of new coaches and healers, getting online and using the Internet to reach a LOT more peeps than they could otherwise.

Of course, there’s a TON of transformation to be made in a big Instagram audience, if you know what to do.

But some experienced teachers and healers have a different role – regardless of the size of their platform.

They’re here to do the work in a deeper way, with a different level of client.

They’re here to create massive ripple effects by working their magic at a high level with LEADERS (leaders leading leaders!) – whether that’s in a group program that goes deep…. an intimate 1-1 container… a certification for the next wave of coaches-healers, or providing agency services.

I believe with all my heart that the magicians are here to shift consciousness on the planet.

Can you relate?

If so… 

I believe that your time is better spent DOING your transformational work, rather than on all of the marketing fiddly bits that drain you.

I mean, I DON’T pretend to know all the things.

But from where I’m sitting…

Transformational coaches, naturopaths, energy healers, hypnotherapists, channelers, and even more traditional business leaders with a “woo” bent…

Will probably do a lot more good by working with clients, raising the consciousness of all individuals they work with and playing their role to user in a new paradigm…

… than they would being trapped behind their computers, burning out because they’re buried under marketing plans that ultimately are a second full-time job.

When you’re freed UP to focus the majority of your energy on your REAL work, and the more you embody your Highest Level as you scale to six and even 7-figures doing your transformational work…

The faster you can help your clients create whatever new realities they’re committed to.

And the faster you can make the IMPACT you wish to have.

This is feeling even more urgent to me, as we’ve watched everything go down in the greater collective over the past 90 days.

So I wanted to bring this back to your attention…

Not long ago, I did a LIVE where I laid out how you can sign up $35k clients without getting on the phone

Now, signing up $35k clients without getting on the phone is pretty cool.

Freeing up 10 hours per week in sales calls is a “good enough” reason to learn it, I think.
(* chuckle *)

You don’t really need “a deeper WHY.” 

But if you DO have a deeper WHY for doing your work…

You can best believe that WHY is going to be served, by you getting off the phone. 

Want to see how this might work in your business?

You can still watch the transmission “How To Enroll $35k Clients Without Sales Calls, in our group, Scale Without Sales Calls.

I know it may have gotten lost in the shuffle?

Goodness knows we’ve all had other stuff to think about!!

But if you’re ready for the needle movers that allow you to get off the ENDLESS “marketing train”… and spend more time serving and showing up for others…

… I encourage you to give it a watch.

Join us in Scale Without Sales Calls, where it’s posted in the Videos section.

Love & magic, 


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