Have you been setting your intentions for next month? (I have.) 

Before you get too far, there’s an important “pre-game” step that’s easy to overlook. 

You may have heard the saying, “The Universe abhors a vacuum.” 

When an energetic space is created, the Universe rushes in to fill it with something else. Hopefully, that something else is… what you Desire! 

But the Divine can’t bring you anything if your energetic space is already dense or full. 

To usher in new intentions, experiences or Desires, we must first create space. You need to release something of a lower nature to make room for something of a higher nature. 

As with anything in magic, there are as many ways to release, clear and let go as there are magicians. 

My favorite way? 

Fire. Hands down. 🙂 

I wanted to share my favorite fire ritual for clearing space and making way for possibility and magic.  

IMPORTANT Safety Note: Use common sense and take the proper precautions when burning, either indoors or outdoors. If burning indoors, make sure your area is well ventilated and have water handy in case you need it. Never leave fire burning unattended, never interfere with another’s choice and remember that you are 100% responsible for your words, intentions, deeds and karma. Be smart & safe. ‘Nuff said! 

A Fire Bowl Releasing Ritual 

Release What No Longer Serves And Make Way For Your Highest Good 

The Supplies You’ll Need: 

5-10 (or more) 3”squares of paper or post-it notes

1-2 sheets of tissue paper, also cut into 3-4” squares 

Pen for writing 

Fireplace safe to burn paper or a well ventilated area for burning in a fire bowl 

If using a firebowl, you’ll also need: 

Large glass/pyrex bowl 

Thick oven mit or hot pad 

3/4 cup of Epsom salt 

Rubbing alcohol, just enough to soak but not submerge the Espom salt 

Long matches or lighter stick 

Optional sage for smudging 

The Ceremony 

  1. Prepare your space, smudge with sage if desired. Bring all parts of yourself present. Ground andcenter, and set your intention for the ceremony. 
  1. On each piece of paper, write one or two things that you’re ready to release. This could include people, situations, thought patterns, habits, or anything you wish to release.

Phrase your releasing statements intentionally. Here are two possibilities: 

“I release the [situation / pattern / habit] of X. I thank this [situation / pattern / habit] for serving its purpose; I choose to move on now.” 

OR – 

“Spirit of [situation / pattern / habit], our time together is at an end. I release thee and bid you begone.” 

OR, simply – 

“Begone, [situation / pattern / habit]!”  

  1. Take each square and fold it up three to five times. (Make it small, but not too small. Paper folded too tightly will not burn easily.)
  1. Wrap a square of tissue around the note, twisting the ends to make a small bundle or package, almost like a piece of candy
  1. Repeat until you’ve wrapped all of your releasing statements
  1. Prepare your fire orfirebowl 

Place the bowl in a well ventilated area, on top of the oven mitt or hot pad 

Pour the Epsom salt into the bowl 

Cover with just enough rubbing alcohol to soak the salt, but not totally submerge it 

Light a long match or lighter stick and carefully touch it to the salt/alcohol mixture to ignite the flame 

  1. One by one, drop your bundles into the bowl, saying 3 times aloud: “I release thee, I release thee, I release thee.”
  1. Watch the bundles burn and as they do picture these things being totally and completely lifted from you
  1. When the bundles have all burned out, say a final blessing, holding in mind that these things have now been released.

What is possible for you now that you wish to express gratitude for or bestow blessing upon? 

This might sound something like: 

“I now give myself permission to… 

  1. Take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of freedom, release and space. I like to finish with the following declaration:

“It is done, it is done, it is done!” 

After your releasing ceremony, remember to ground your work in the physical plane by taking any actions you need in order to release and complete the situation. Throw out what needs to be thrown out, have clearing conversations with parties involved (if needed), etc. 

Now you’re ready to set your intentions! 

Wishing you a magical month ahead! 

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