Getting back to our discussion of the Laws… 

If you’ve been in our Hot Offers Masterclass, you may remember a story that I like to tell, about a blind man and a copywriter. 

A blind man is begging on a busy street corner in the big city.  His sign says, “I’m blind.  Please help.” 

Peeps walk on by.  Some of them give him a little change.  A quarter or two, maybe a dollar. 

Then a well-dressed young woman from the nearby advertising agency walks by… 

She sees the man, and stops.  Takes a sharpie out of her handbag. 

Picks up the sign, turns it over, and writes. 

After putting the new sign in place, she continues on her way.  And the money starts pouring in. 

Quarters, dollars, five dollar bills, tens, twenties… fill up the man’s hat. 

The man can’t see it, of course but –  he hears the people stooping over said hat, the change going in. 

In short order, the hat is overflowing with cold hard cash. 

Now, when I tell that story as it relates to offers… I point out that ALL that changed was the offer on the sign. 

The man didn’t have to “do” anything. 

He didn’t have to “build his list.” 

He didn’t have to start pumping out social media content every day, or make videos every day. 

He didn’t have to go to a different street corner to “find clients who are willing to pay.” 

All that changed was the vibration of the words on the sign.  The vibration going out into Creative Substance, and his immediate field. 

And the “clients” came pouring in. 

I love this story because it’s not just about offers. 

It’s about money, too.  And anything else you Desire to create or call into your life, no matter how big, rich or expansive. 

Years ago I received a phrase from a mentor.  “The money is always there.” 

This phrase could be a mantra.  Or an affirmation.  Something that you say to yourself over and over. 

It’s also the Truth.  And it’s true every time. 

If you wanna call in a big windfall… in 60 days, 30 days, a week, a day… the money is there. 

If you want to hire team to help you grow your business… the money is there.  

(Side note: the perfect team members are there, too.) 

If you want to collapse time, and get to 7-figures in 3 months instead of spending three more years at “the 400k plateau”…  

… your opportunity to create that is already here. 

So WHY is this? 

The Law of Polarity tells us that everything – EVERYTHING – has its equal and opposite.  And they have to exist at the same time, simultaneously. 

If you think it through, you’ll quickly see that this is true. 

You can’t have an “up” without a “down.”  Or a “left” without a “right.”  Or an “in” without an “out.” 

There are no “halves” in the universe. 

So if the Desire is there in you – and it’s a soul-level Desire (i.e. no “testing the Universe” 😉 )… then the way for it to be made manifest in your life is also already there.   

Everything you want is already here.  Every time, no exceptions, ever. 

Another Law that comes into play is… your supply is truly unlimited. 

That Law basically tells us that everything comes from Creative Substance.  Creative Substance is unlimited. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that gold coins are unlimited, or that Bitcoin is unlimited, or that there’s a clone of your dream house in five other states across the country… or that it’s going to be easy to sell 100,000 single sessions at $100 apiece.  

All of those are specific expressions of what Wallace Wattles calls “the Thinking Stuff from which all things are made.” 

They all come with conditions.   

And when we get too fixated on “the ONE way”… we essentially close all the infinite streams of possibility in favor of ONE stream.   

It doesn’t work so well.  It’s also completely unnecessary because…  

… everything you Desire is already here, and your supply is truly unlimited. 

Personally, I’ve come to believe that this is a “Top 3 Truths That Every Human Should Know When They Get Here” kinda thing. 

Can you imagine how things might be different on the planet if everyone really GOT this? 

As a transformational leader… it’s crucial that YOU really get it, in your bones. 

Interestingly, it doesn’t really matter what the goal is. 

What really matters is that you choose to become aware of just how much Creative Power you truly have. 

NOT from the place of Great-And-Powerful-Oz, Wizard-Behind-The-Curtain, Mickey-Mouse-In-The-Sorcerers-Cap-Making-Brooms-Fly-Around kinda way. 

Your power doesn’t do you (or anyone else) a whole lot of good when you separate yourself from the greater collective.   

Every creation is a co-creation.  Every creation happens in partnership.  And – if I can soapbox here for a sec – it’s high time that magicians, lightworkers and teachers of the Laws get OUT of “me me me” mode and into the We. 

Your every creation affects others, whether you intend it to, or not.   

We never create anything alone, even when we THINK we do. 


You have Creative Power, that you use, in co-creation with God, Goddess, The Divine, and – if you choose – an ARMY of Beings of Light. 

This is a fact.  No matter what your circumstances are.  (Though we always have respect for circumstances.  Circumstances can make things easier or harder – and let’s NOT pretend that every Being has an even playing field in the 3D.) 

The money is always there.  Always. 

Period.  No exceptions, ever. 

When we really take that truth on… and choose to remember it in times when our senses seem to tell us otherwise… 

Then, we can make decisions that are in alignment with Truth, and our own soul, rather than illusion. 

And we have access to a deeper understanding of possible reasons why it’s NOT here… yet.  😉 

And we can make different choices. 

So… with that understanding… 

Here are some questions for you: 

WHAT Desire are you afraid to claim for yourself… because you’re secretly afraid that it’s not really there? 

What have you been holding back on claiming… because you’re afraid of what it might cost you? 

What are you afraid to claim because you’re afraid of what you might look like to others, if you don’t “make it?” 

AND… speaking to all levels of your consciousness… are you willing to let that go? 

Are you willing to claim what you really want? 

And then embody the Frequency required… 

AND then – and this is the part that nobody talks about – put what you’re being asked to put into place, to keep that Frequency anchored in, WITHOUT it all relying on YOU? 

If you’ve read this far… I bet you know what your answer is. 

I can’t make any of those choices FOR you. 

But I do know… that everything you want is already here. 

It is Law. 

And I do know… that life is a lot more fun from a place of true YES. 

Love & magic & cheering you on… 


PS: What does the TRUTH that “the money is always here” spark for you?  

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I’d love to hear your thoughts… 

It will help you integrate, AND it lets me know that you value these kinds of transmissions. 

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