You may have heard?

We just re-opened our community Facebook group, Ultra-Premium Client Attraction. 

And this week we delivered what will be the first of many fresh transmissions on marketing and metaphysics, to help you scale your magic to 7-figures.

It’s all very different from the tactics you might be used to.

I’ve been in this industry for years.

Peeps in the transformation space were SO OVER anything pushy, sleazy, sales-y, inauthentic or complicated… like, back in 2010.

(I’ve had 2010 on the brain lately for some reason!)

Somehow, though…

Our clients – and maybe you, too? – have found themselves sucked into marketing that’s waaaaaay too much freaking work.

And that needs to come to an end, too.

Because here’s the REAL reason why we dove back into business coaching, head first, and why we’re embracing marketing, and teaching you marketing that gets you off the phone and scaling your business without sales calls.

YOUR marketing and sales are part of your clients’ CHANGE process.

ALL of this “marketing stuff” that you’ve been learning as you’ve been building your business?

It’s NOT just to “get clients in your programs.”

Your marketing can be a crucial part of helping your clients along their transformational journey. 

Your marketing and sales process is PART of your work, NOT separate from it.

Consider this for a second…

Your clients CAN’T get the transformation you offer unless they say YES to working with you.

Now, obviously… from a business perspective… marketing and sales function to get your clients to say YES to working with you.

But for US, the transformational leaders… there is a MUCH bigger purpose behind our marketing and sales.

When done right, and done well…

Marketing and sales can be a HUGE part of what lead your clients to say YES to themselves.

Your MARKETING – before you even make the sale – can be the thing that helps your clients overcome their resistance and get to the COMMITMENT point.

The moment when they say “enough is enough” and COMMIT not just to YOU… but to themselves.

We’re going to be diving into a lot of different topics in the Ultra-Premium Client Attraction group.

I posted a short un-survey in there earlier in the week.  Peeps told us they want the magic and the Frequency pieces, too.

Which is good, because I’ve got a TON of metaphysics to drop on you, as well!

But marketing and sales? 

Marketing and sales are actual, real live MAGIC in action.

Especially the way we teach it, in the hands of transformational leaders.

If you’ve felt wonky about marketing and sales in the past…

Or you’re just “over” the complicated strategies you’ve been using up until now…

I invite you to join us in trying a new way.

I believe that one of the reasons why you found your way to Feminine Magic® is to co-create something NEW.

With COVID-19 and all the chaos of 2020, been ushering in a new paradigm all year long.

And together, we can create a new paradigm in the transformation industry.

Where “marketing and sales” is truly of service.   Where “marketing and sales” is no longer SEPARATE from the transformation… but a part of it.

Because your transformation … and the magic YOU bring through your work…

Is deeply, deeply needed.

Love & magic, 


PS: This is why I’m soooo passionate about how we teach transformational leaders to enroll their $5k-$50k programs WITHOUT complicated launches, funnels, or getting on the phone.

Our clients can make $25k sales from an un-fancy PDF file in 10 minutes over Messenger, NOT because of some “tactic” or “strategy” but because they UNDERSTAND how their clients tick, and how to help them CHANGE.

We open the doors to Highest Level Transformation (our signature program where we teach this stuff) very soon.

Email us here if you’d like to be on the notification list for when we open. 

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