Have you ever passed on an opportunity with this phrase… 

“I’ll do it / say yes / invest / take the leap next time…”?  

Tuning into the Feminine Magic® collective, it’s coming up a lot… which means that it might be coming up for YOU. 

So let’s dive into this, yeah? 

Let’s say you have an opportunity to go to Vegas.   

You’ve wanted to go to Vegas since you were a little kid.  You’ve never been to Vegas before.  Vegas is your dream destination.   

(work with me, here!  😀 ) 

Suddenly, the perfect opportunity to go to Vegas shows up.  Your dream is right there! 

Meanwhile, your mind’s no dummy.  It knows that this could change EVERYTHING for you.  

And so it starts to do its thing…  

… and one of the things it happens to do is, “Vegas will always be there. I’ll go next time” 

Now, on the one hand, it’s kinda accurate.   

It’s very, very  likely that Vegas will “always be there”… in one sense.  (You know, provided we don’t get all [existential / doomsday scenario] about it. 😉 ) 

But THIS moment?  THIS opportunity?  This OPENING in your consciousness that would allow for a whole new reality to DROP IN? 

Not so much. 

You see… the Divine, aka Source Consciousness, aka your Essence, aka your Highest Level Self… is always trying to lead you where you REALLY desire to go. 

At the same time, it RESPONDS to you.  Specifically, your vibration. 

So when you shift your vibration… even a little…  

THERE’s the crack in consciousness.  There’s that OPENING for a whole new reality. 

It’s there.  It’s RIGHT there. 

And IN comes the opportunity. 

And then, as magician… YOU get to use your power of CHOICE, and decide whether or not you’re going to take it.  


That opportunity is NOT going to stick around forever. 

So there’s a paradox here… 

YES, opportunity is everywhere.  AND on the 3D plane, which is where we’re all hanging out in this incarnation…. our time, energy and attention are FINITE resources.  

We gotta deal with the 3D, baby. 

So when you say to yourself, “Hey, Vegas will always be here for me…” 

You’re still in the illusion.  

Yes, it’s very likely that Vegas will still “be there” tomorrow, next month, three months from now… but THIS opportunity, THIS moment… will not be. 

And THIS moment, here NOW… 

THIS moment is what you have.  

And if you want to be a Powerful Feminine Magician, a master of your reality… 

… it’s really, really important that you’re IN reality about opportunity, and that you’re telling yourself TRUTH, rather than illusion. 

Whenever I’m enrolling something… I almost always get an email from someone, all mad about “scarcity” and “deadlines.” 

“You and your manipulative marketing tactics won’t work on me!!”  

First of all, deadlines are about MY energy management as a business owner.   

But the deeper truth is… the paradox of opportunity that I just wrote about above. 

THIS moment, NOW, is what’s real.  It’s what we have. 

And the question you have to ask yourself is… do I want it (in the 3D) later, or do I want it now? 

Here’s what I REALLY want you to understand…. 

Those OPENINGS in consciousness?  When Source Consciousness RESPONDS to you and begins to give you want you want, by way of an opportunity?  

(An opportunity that YOU attracted, I might add – you master magician, you 😉 ) 

Those openings are FLIPPIN’ PRECIOUS. 

YOU attracted them.  YOU created them. 

So why on EARTH would you throw that away in your PIVOTAL moment? 

The truth is, Capital-Y-YOU wouldn’t.  Your Highest Level Self, your Essence… wants to SOAR. 

And yet… when you tell yourself “it’ll always be there for me…” 

Ego mind, small self, critter brain is running the show. 

Now, I’m NOT saying… take every opportunity that you create / attract.  

Nor am I saying, “Buy my stuff!!”  (You know me better than that! 😉 ) 

I’m saying… SEE these opportunities for the PRECIOUS GIFTS that they are. 

I’m saying… be in FULL AWARENESS of your choices. 

And yes, I’m saying…. SAY YES, for Goddess’ sake!!!   

Everything can change for you when you begin to understand the REAL nature of opportunity… and its paradoxes. 

And everything changes for you when you use your power of CHOICE to call in what you really, truly Desire, here on the physical plane. 

“[XYZ] will always be here for me” is a massive BYPASS that the mind creates. 

It’s an illusion. 

Meanwhile, success is a choice. 

So… above all, choose CONSCIOUSLY. 

Get out of bypass.  That’s not who you are. 

Choose consciously.  Choose wisely. 

And for the love of all… 

Choose YES.  🙂 

All my love, and soooo much magic to you today!

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