If you want to manifest anything wildly awesome, in business or life…

a BIG Goal, if you will…

Like calling in $100k this month, scaling to 7-figures in record time, or filling your

programs no matter WHAT the current global crisis is…

… then it helps to know what REALLY counts… what really moves the needle – metaphysically speaking, AND on the 3D plane.

(Spoiler alert: they are one and the same. 😉 

First time I learned this was many years ago after I quit my last J-O-B.

For the first two years, I really struggled.

I was learning my craft, which took quite a bit of time and energy.

Intellectually, I knew I was awesome… but on the inside, I was WRACKED with self-doubt.

And I wasn’t making any money.   We’d blown through all our savings and were living off credit cards.   The money stress was off the chicken.

Finally, I decided that I’d had enough.

“I’m going to make $50,000 this month, cash, and that’s that.”

Because I’d made a decision, and I was embodying the Frequency of The One Who Makes $50,000 On Command… the WAY to make that money came flooding in.

And that’s when things got interesting.

This was back before peeps were talking about SALES in the online space.

Back then, nobody in “online coaching” was teaching about how to actually SELL coaching or consulting packages… yet.

My copywriter buddies were, though. They knew how to sell. And they had to “get clients” like everyone else.

So some of the old guard had put together some sales training, laying it all out.

My mind was blown by the simplicity.

“Hang on a second,” I said to one of them. “You’re telling me that… all I have to do is… like… package up my stuff, get someone on the phone, and ASK THEM to work with me?”

Yep, my friend said.

Within a month, I’d made $20,000 cash.  Sure, it was shy of my $50,000 goal.

But sweet LADY above! $20,000!!  Starting from ZERO!

I don’t tell this story so much anymore.

It’s got a little “I was living in a van down by the river, and then I got rich” quality to it.

And a little “pull a rabbit out of the hat” quality to it – neither of which are accurate or useful.

These days, our favorite way to make those BIG money goals is to have them banked in advance: highest level clients, consistently signing up for your  highest level programs… the ones that are happy to pay you $2k-$5k, month after month, for years.


In both cases, what makes that money breakthrough – and manifestation breakthrough – possible is the SAME…

The right solution, to the right person, at the right time.

Anything you wish to manifest – be it cash, your soulmate, an experience, a bank account that GROWS without you having to “do” anything… comes THROUGH people.

And it comes by way of an OPPORTUNITY.

Please read that again…

Your Desire is manifested from the Divine… through PEOPLE.


By way of an opportunity. Always.

A common misconception is that you’re supposed to hang back and WAIT for opportunities.  Because otherwise, you’re “pushing” or “forcing,” right?

Actually, the “push” or “force” comes from you doing-the-do of things you THINK you need to do… instead of taking the aligned action that’s going to make the difference.

The aligned action that makes the difference in business… is to make OFFERS.

Map your magic to the people who need you – or even just the people in front of you – and then simply ask without attachment… “hey, do you want to come sit at my table?”

Right solution, right person, right time.

Years after my NOT-“van by the river” moment… (which I affectionately call my $50,000 Manifestation Experiment)… I really got this on a whole other level.

That time, I’d shut down the income streams that had made up 90% of my income.

I decided that I was going build my business back very quickly.

I got my offers lined up… and within 15 months, we’d done over $1m in sales.

Right solution, right people, right time.

Have you noticed that pretty much anything you wish to create… involves an ASK?

An “ask” is just another word for OFFER.

Your ability to make OFFERS is your pathway to creating whatever you want,

whenever you want, regardless of circumstances. 

Your ability to make OFFERS is the 3D side of your Divinely Given powers of manifestation. 

Your ability to make OFFERS… is your ability to create opportunity. 

Because offers that are EASY to say yes to… ARE opportunities.

We were coaching one of our clients who are deeply 3D-plane-style affected by the crisis in Ukraine.
My first order of business was to remind her…

Goddess, you can create ANYTHING.  Period, end of.  You were given that power by the Creator.

On the level of Highest Level, God(dess) self… this is absolutely, 100% accurate.

True for her, and it’s also true for you.

Circumstances are real.  But they are NOT Truth.  Truth is Truth.

Truth is… whatever you wish to create in your business right now… is totally, 100% possible for you.

Whatever you want to create right now… you can do it. AND – that means… you get to get your Creative Power fully switched on.

That means… you get to focus on the REAL needle movers, rather than the distraction of things like Facebook ads, launches, webinars… overthinking… however you choose to “do the do” instead of taking the straightest line possible for what you want.

The road to collapsing time… and calling in what we want faster… is the road of bringing yourself back to Truth… which in marketing, are the fundamentals.

Your Creative Power is made real through opportunity.

Your Hot Offers are your opportunity multiplied.

Love and magic and cheering you ON,

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