I know you haven’t heard from me much over the past six weeks or so… 

If you’re game, I thought I might share why? 

Immediately after our (wildly successful!) Hot Offers Masterclass, our business manager of 3 years quit. 

Her departure was sudden. No advance notice.   

Of course… it wasn’t entirely unexpected.  😉 

It was, however, 100% inconvenient. 

We had just enrolled well over 200k worth of programs from a Facebook group of about 540 people.  Most of that was Highest Level Transformation – our Front Door.   (This is significant because a Front Door” offer leads to many more sales later.) 

I was about to enroll a couple of private clients (100k each) on top of that.   

Plus, I had plans for the next thing. 

Now… weird thing about me: I have a really, REALLY hard time enrolling more peeps until I’m 1000% confident that our current delivery is locked up tight. 

And of course, with our biz manager gone… it wasn’t. 

So the “next thing” got put on hold.  I let the 100k clients go. 

And instead of the next thing, and more clients… I found my focus pulled to this latest “crisis.” 

Ever had something like that happen? 

The strongest instinct that we have as human beings is to experience the familiar.   

(This observation comes to us from an old school influential family therapist, a woman named Virginia Satir.) 

Essentially, our brains like for us to stay the same – in the “comfort zone” of what we already know.   

What we call “limiting beliefs” are actually set up to keep what your brain codes as a “safe state” intact. 

So when we go for something BIG, something we really want… or we make a move in that direction, it’s not at all unusual for the brain (who wants us to stay the same) to counter that epic expansion with some kind of drama or disruption. 

This can also show up as dissonance: we take on a new belief consciously, but our brain doesn’t really believe it on the INSIDE.  So it starts making you pay attention to all the stuff that reinforces the OLD belief, in hopes of keeping you in the same place. 

This whole scene is often behind the “contraction after the expansion” phenomenon. 

You make the cash, and the car breaks down.   

Or you have fights with your partner.  Your kid gets kicked out of school.   Your babysitter quits. 

You get the idea. 

So back to the “crisis” after the Hot Offers Masterclass… 

We created our 5-Day Rinse + Repeat campaign (used for Hot Offers) very deliberately.  It improves on the 5-day challenge model that is so prevalent in our industry right now.   

Prep time is a week or two.  You can do it without any team, if needed.  And the content that lead to conversion – aka peeps signing up – is very different (and, if I may be so bold – much more effective) than the usual shizz you see everywhere online. 

I created it not just for us, but to give our clients a new way to line up multi-six-figures in a single shot – WITHOUT the stress of a typical “launch.” 

It’s a big part of our epic expansion plan.   

And it WORKED!  

We had members of our Highest Level Leader Collective take the “rough draft” and immediately turn around and $100k+ worth of programs in a couple of weeks – despite the fact that I kind of… made it up. 

(Except not.  I’ve kinda been doing the thing for a little while now. J ) 


On the surface of things… having our business manager jet right after that…  well, it LOOKED like a case of contraction-after-the-expansion. 

It LOOKED like my subconscious was doing the thing that human brains do: counter that BIG WIN with some kind of drama to bring us back to equilibrium. 

And for a proverbial minute there, I thought… here we go. 

But then it became really clear that this wasn’t “contraction.” 

Not hardly. 

Within a few days I have set up a VIP day with a woman who does operations for $20M companies.  We laid out a plan. 

Remaining team and I got it into gear.   

In under a week, they had taken over ALL our former business manager’s duties and then some.

After that, we cleared the decks and set to work, improving the delivery of our two core offerings (Highest Level Transformation and Highest Level Leader). 

We have a clear path for our next benchmarks, and everything is lining up to allow it to happen. 

We’ve been doing all this instead of marketing out the yin-yang. 

It’s soooo much fun! 

And I found myself really noticing this whole story we’ve collectively got going on around “expansion/contraction.” 

We are SO accustomed in our industry (this l’il world I affectionately call “the transformation space”)… to constant marketing, “doing” and enrolling. 

Market every day. Sell every day. 

Put the next thing out there. Go, go, go. 

And we call that expansion. 

And if we’re highly intelligentgenerative, creative women who were put on this earth to make stuff and BE stuff and contribute stuff, and thereby we’ve been to manifesting school (maybe even MY manifesting school – * chuckle *) and marketing school and business school… 

When we “fall short” of this standard… 

Then we think we should “know” better.  That we should “do” better. 

We tell ourselves that upsets like a business manager quitting right after a wildly successful trial run of a new thing we’re doing (and taking a hot minute to address it) “contraction after the expansion.”   

We can kick our own bum-bums, telling ourselves that we’re not “healed“ enough to NOT have any disruption in our outpicturing. 

Or maybe that’s just me?  😉 

This is the conversation I’ve been having with our high multi six and seven figure earners as of late. 

Contraction following expansion is perfectly normal.  Indeed, it’s Law.  (The Law of Rhythm.) 

In my experience, it’s very, VERY useful to develop the magician’s skill of being able to ride out whatever shenanigans your subconscious will try to throw up, to prove itself right and make your outpicturing look like whatever it expects.  

Figuring out how to roll with this is a big part of activating and developing mad skills with our Creative Power. 

It’s a GOOD thing.  We’re completely unconscious to this until we learn about it. 

But unless we’re careful  

… the very real (facts-on-the-ground, 3D plane) phenomenon we call “expansion after the contraction”… can just turn into a STORY that we play out over and over again. 

And that’s a problem! 

Because?  At a certain point? 

The expansion/contraction thing – as we once experienced it… actually becomes OVER. 

Over.  Complete.  Done and done. 

Not saying it doesn’t happen, but… it no longer shows up in the same old way. 

Your expansion no longer comes with “contraction” attached. 

This speaks directly to Universal Law.  Which is another reason why I’m bringing it up. 

Last time I checked in with the community (a few weeks ago)…  asked if y’all wanted some transmissions on the Laws. 

The Laws of the Universe.  Manifesting Laws.  The order of things, of how the non-physical interacts with the 3D plane. 

In Feminine Magic®, we call them the Laws of Desire.   

The first Law is THIS 

You have a Divine Nature – what we call your Highest Level – and it seeks to create. 

Many, many teachers before me have spoken about this.  My favorite way I’ve heard it described (by modern-day brain science peeps) is the Evolutionary Impulse.   

Your urge for massive expansion ISN’T an accident. 

It was put there.  In you.  By the Creator. 

Desire (our word for this impulse)… is a thing. 


Saying YES to that Desire… over and over again, no matter what… is really what BIG manifestation comes down to. 

When you first start saying YES and doing the WORK that comes with it… it can be a bumpy road. 

Subconscious shenanigans.  Expansion after contraction. 

But then when it’s time to scale” those Desires… like, say, the Desire to scale your business to a high-profit $100k or $1m or whatever…  

… we get to acknowledge that we’re NOT the same person, the same magician, the same Creator BE-ing that we were before. 

And we keep saying YES. 

And we decide to experience bumps a little differently. 

Many times, those bumps in the road – which are really just disconnect between what our brain expects to see (“old way”) and the new way 

There’s actually a sign of the massive good that you’ve already set into motion, the inevitable result that is ALREADY on the way. 

Great manifesting, you! 

And hang on to your bananas because this next bit is REALLY crazy….  

Those “bumps” may not mean ANYTHING at all.  😉 

What you focus on expands.  Or – as we put it – what you energize, manifests.   

You always have the option of “yeah whatever” and moving on. 

was kind of stunned at how quickly we recovered from having the most senior and seasoned person in our organization leave unexpectedly. 

Except kinda NOT, because it’s like…  of course. 

We got this. 

In my business, we always got this.  No matter what. 

So I’ll invite you to notice… 

Where are YOU being asked – invited! – to let go of any previous “up down, up down, expansion and contraction” story? 

Maybe you’re still earlier in your journey, and you get to learn to ride the waves in a way that isn’t so damn disruptive. 


Maybe you’re a little further along… and you’re being asked to notice that the whole “up down, up down” thing kinda isn’t relevant anymore. 

When we lean into Desire, there is only expansion. 

Even when we have a lot of work to do. 

And even when our 3D outpicturing doesn’t quite match the vision… yet. 

You have a Divine Nature.  It seeks to create. 

You were called to be here now. 

Maybe you believe, as I do, that we choose our incarnations. 

Or maybe not, which of course is perfectly fine too.   

(I’m not attached to the “your soul chose this” story.  It’s damaging to many peeps.) 


I believe that all our Divine Nature really wants is to connect with itself, which means deep connection with other Be-ings, including creating MORE LIFE with other Be-ings. 

Staying in the “expansion and contraction” story locks us into separation. 

It’s just a thing, and as magician, you can just roll with the thing, until it’s not a “thing” any more. 

So… my question to you is…  

Are you willing to let that go? 

Let me know by commenting BELOW. 

And thanks for rolling with us. 

We are so blessed to do what we do, and have you in our world. 

As always, we’re cheering you on… 

Love and magic, 


PS: During our last retreat for our Highest Level Leader members, I taught the 5-Day Rinse + Repeat campaign. 

This is an “unLaunch” campaign that can easily add an immediate 6-figures or multiple-6-figures to your business in about a month. 

And then another 6-or-multiple-6 after that, when peeps roll into your next offer. 

It’s designed to be “rinse + repeat” – so you can push the button and do it again. 

Would a marketing asset like that be useful to you? 

The Highest Level Leader Collective is where we help you scale to $500k-$1m without webinars, big launches, huge team, complicated funnels… or even getting on the phone. 

Our most recent members have enrolled $50k-$100k in new clients – WITHOUT sales calls. 

They tell me it’s life-changing. 

We have spots open for the Highest Level Leader Collective… 

And if scaling to $500k-$1m without all the complicated marketing sounds like something you’d be interested in… 


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