A little while ago, Leland and I had a conversation about money. 

It was awesome.  It has had far-reaching implications. 

We’re working on some major money goals.  I was thrilled to report that we’d been able to contribute over $100,000 to those goals in the past few months. 

But that wasn’t the most impactful part. 

Something he said really STRUCK me… and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. 

After I shared the numberswe high-fived.  And then he asked… 

“You seem like you’re feeling good overall these days.”   

“But really… are you HAPPY?” 

And I paused. 

Leland and I have been together since 2004.  He’s seen it all in my business – the highs, the lows, the good, the bad… 

… and the REALLY f’in stressed out. 

Make NO mistake.  I love what I do.   

I was blessed to get the download from the Goddess over a dozen years ago.   

But that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been HARD along the way. 

And I realized, in the moment that he asked that question… that the LARGEST amounts of hard have come… when SALES are hard. 

And the only time that SALES has been hard in my business is… 

… when my offers were OFF. 

And not just ANY “off” – one or two SPECIFIC offer mistakes. 

There’s a l’il story that I tell sometimes, of a certain launch that took place a few years ago. 

I pumped out content upon CONTENT for a two-month period…  

… only to make NINE sales of a $9k program.  (I wanted 30.) 

That shizzle is HARD, man!! 

Goddess Business School®, our now-retired training for new coaches, practitioners and healers, was a phenomenal program. 

It was also a success.  We put 200 people in it, over a 2-year period.  Total revenue was well over a million dollars. 

It was also really f’in HARD to sell!!! 

Like, break-your-back launching HARD.  Long-ass enrollment calls conducted by a sales team HARD. 

Contrast THAT with what happens on the regular, now 

$68k in sales, in a couple of days.  Without getting on the phone. 

THAT’S the difference that Easy YES Offers make. 

Now, we didn’t get there overnight.  I’ve been dialing in all of our core offers for a little while. 

But we also made millions on those offers, collectively, during that time. 


ALL of that hit me, when Leland asked, “Are you happy?” 

The answer is YES.  I am on fire right now, in business and in life. 

I LOVE what I do.  I’ve never NOT really loved what we’re doing in my business. 

And a big part of that is because… I love my offers. 

And sales and enrollment is… pretty easy. 

I’ve done HARD, the realm of sales.  And, I’ll tell you what… 

I’ll take the “Easy YES” over 2-month launches and Frankenfunnels any day. 

90% of my “money pain” has come… when sales and enrollment are HARD. 

Maybe yours has, too? 

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

That’s why we’ve launched our new, FREE deep dive on offers – the Hot Offers Masterclass. 

We’re going to hand you some of our most impactful needle mover moves… to create OFFERS that (literally) sell themselves. 

So… if you’re open to the possibility of easily filling your programs, and scaling your business to $500k-$1m+ WITHOUT a lot of exhausting launching, webinars, funnels… and even without sales calls… 

Reach out to us NOW to find out when our next round of Hot Offers is gonna take place. 

Love & magic, 


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