Saw something fascinating go down in one of my Facebook groups the other day… 

It’s a mastermind group of seven-figure and multi seven-figure business owners, that I participate in. 

Someone asked…. 

“For those of you who have added 500k-$1m+ in your business in short order – like a couple of months or even a couple of weeks – what was the biggest needle mover?” 

I saw the question before anyone jumped in with an answer. 

I thought… this is going to be fun. 

Sure enough… over half of the women who answered all said the same thing. 

They nailed their offers and their messaging. 

We see this ALL the time. 

We’ve had clients go from… 

… $80k to $400k… 

… $200k to $400k… 

… $100k to $500k… 

… $300k to $750k… 

… and  $400k to $1 million+… 

Just by getting their offer and messaging dialed in. 

Indeed, when I shut down all of my programs a few years back, because I was TIRED of launching, and wanted to do things differently… I took about a year or so to find myself… 

And when I did, my next order of business was to create highly-aligned, magnetic HOT offers. 

And when I got THAT in place… 

… we were back to $1 million in sales in a little over a year. 

The kicker? 

All of the marketing was done with email and social media posts. 

And 99% of the selling was done with a PDF file.  Even for our $25K program. 

Highly aligned, HOT offers are the KEY to selling out without “selling.” 

When the rest of the conditions are right, they are the key to that $500k+++  income leap. 

Most importantly though? 

Highly aligned, HOT offers that sell themselves are the foundation of scaling your business without burning yourself out on webinars launches or sales calls. 

So that your magic gets into the hands of those who need it. 

Speaking of which… 

Each of those stories I hinted at above has REAL PEOPLE at their heart. 

Behind each success story is a real transformational leader guiding their clients to LIFE-CHANGING transformations. 

In times such as these, leaders are being asked to LEAD UP.   

To quit hiding out in endless launches, webinars, the “do, do, do”… and instead show up FULLY, and SCALE from a place of leadership. 

You can’t do that if you’re struggling to sell your offers. 

This is the why behind our brand new Hot Offers Masterclass for transformational leaders. 

It’s five days with me in a Facebook group… where you’re going to create or make over a hot high-end offer.  And then you’re going to sell a couple of spots. 

You’ll see our BEST-of-the-best offer principles in action.  The kind of tweaks that take our clients from “hearing crickets” to selling three or four $22k programs in a week. 

I’m also going to give you some of my very best scripts for getting people to raise their hands. 

And if you make a decision to stay in the game? 

You’ll either sell a few spots, or you will have valuable insights on how to tweak your offer so that it sells without any additional effort on your part. 

This master class is NO COST to you….  as long as you’re willing to participate😊 

And we’re going to run Hot Offers a handful of times each year. 

So if this resonates… and you’re willing to clear the decks for some offer magic that will make scaling your business a lot easier… 

Contact us NOW to be in-the-know for upcoming dates. 

Love & magic, 


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