A few years ago, I set a BIG goal into motion. 

When I say BIG, I mean… BIG.  Financially big.  Life-changing BIG.  Something that everyone wants and yet most people will never achieve. 

Back then, I guessed it would take me about 5 years.  Three years in, it’s set to manifest either next year, or the year after.   

It can be done in less than that for sure, but most people take 20 years or more – if they do it at all.   

It got me thinking about goals, and timelines. 

When you start to really understand the Laws of Desire and how to manifest, you start to understand how much of a bugaboo linear time really is.    

Here in the 3D world, linear time is a measurement, and it’s a really useful one.    

Timeframes bring clarity to our vision.  They keep us on track and accountable. They give us parameters for decisions.  They impel us to move forward. 

And yet, as soon as you introduce timeframes… they start to mess with your head.   

Allll that mental chatter about how long it’s taking, how long it SHOULD take,
why it’s not here yet.   

And sometimes outright despair at the perception of how long it will take. 

The good news is, you can have your dream in a MUCH shorter timeframe than you think.  

Power manifestors create seemingly impossible outcomes in what is, for all intents and purposes, an instant.   

And there are two big reasons why instant manifestation is not only possible, but actually the most natural way to manifest…. 

One is the Law of Polarity, which tells us that everything has its equal and opposite.  You cannot have an “up” without a “down.”  Or a left without a “right.”  Or an “in” without an “out.”  So when you have a true Desire, the way for that Desire to be made manifest already exists, and it’s in your field already.  

Everything you Desire is already here. 

Second is quantum physics.  I’m grossly simplifying here, but the long and short of it is that all time exists in the NOW, simultaneously. 

That means that all the knowledge, all the resources, and everything you need to create what you want NOW already exists in the NOW.  You don’t need to wait 20 years.  It’s here NOW, it’s seeking you NOW, you can have it NOW. 

So why isn’t everyone “having it NOW?” 

The answer, once again, gets back to the fact that we are Divinely powerful BE-ings having a human experience. 

While we are born Divine, and therefore come here to earth with all that entails (read: the power to be, do or create anything we wish)… we are also born into a body, equipped with a mind that is the most powerful manifesting engine that has ever been actualized on the planet, AND at the same time is wired to block us from creating / achieving / receiving what we really, truly want.   

The practice of magic is about dancing with and ultimately mastering this paradox.   

We are NOT born with the knowledge of HOW to manifest instantly.  Or HOW to create a $20m real estate empire. Or a 7-figure business.  Or a global non-profit.  Or a writing career.  Or a soul-level relationship.  Or any other meaningful dream.   

We are born with soul purpose and the inner drive to bring that calling to life.  We are born with Desire.   

Yet… the journey, the HOW, the way to actually manifesting it… THAT is up to us.  

We have the dream, but we must bring it to life.  The tools are there, and our power is there, but it’s up to US to use those tools and develop our power. 

In other words, we must GROW.   

GROWTH is what takes up the linear 3D time.  And therein lies our opportunity for manifestation

So what do you do when your big dream seems SO far away?   

Embrace the growth that is required to get there. 

One of my favorite teachers of the Laws, David Neaglehas a quote I just love.  “The only cause of non-miracles is resistance.”  This includes “Why isn’t it here yet?” 

There is a gap between where you ARE and where you want to BE.   That’s just the fact of it.   Ever notice the more you try to push away or deny that gap, the more time passes and the bigger the gap becomes?

That’s because what you energize, manifests.  You can either energize “why isn’t it here yet?” OR you can direct your energy toward calling what you want into your life. 

The thing about the manifestation game is… you DO have to do things differently.  You’re literally re-writing yourself.  The ways to do it are simple, but it is by no means easy. 

Manifestation is a skill.  Like any skill, it DOES get easier.  But you have to drop the resistance and embrace what is required – including the learning itself. 

Louise Hay puts it brilliantly…

“When we begin to work on ourselves, sometimes things get worse before they get better. It’s okay if that happens. It’s the beginning of the process. It’s untangling old threads. We need to just flow with it. It takes time and effort to learn what we need to learn. We might not see changes instantly. 

Impatience is only resistance to learning.  It means we want the goal without going through the process. We need to let ourselves learn, step by step. It will get easier as we go along.” 

Sooooo… about that Big Dream of yours… 

What are you resisting?  In what WAY are you being asked to grow? 

Are you studying the principles of manifestation, the Laws, magical tools and putting them into practice every day, to the best of your ability?  

At the same time, are you taking aligned action on the guidance you’ve been given, along with the super-practical steps you know are being asked of you? 

Answer these questions honestly, and the next step will be clear.  And then the next, and the next. 

And the next thing you know… you will have created pure magic. 

I believe in you! 

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