So there you are… manifesting.

You’re clear on your Desire and rocking the practices… and okay, maybe there’s a little bit of trying, too.

And yet, your Desires just aren’t showing up. 🙁

It sucks!

Especially when you’ve been doing everything in your power to “make it so”… including that all-important getting up off the couch. 😉

Even worse, it’s something juicy you’ve been calling in for a while…

Or something time-sensitive that leaves you scrambling for a plan B.

So what do you do?

First things first: manifesting no-shows happen to everyone. Present company included.

Goddess knows if I had a dollar for every manifesting “fail” I’ve experienced… I’d have a lot of dollars to add to the dollars I have manifested (multiple 7-figures through my company), and all the other blessings.

I don’t know anyone, including those of us who teach this stuff, who attract exactly what they want ALL of the time. (And that’s a good thing, as you’ll soon see.)

So first things first: be kind to yourself. Really really.

And now let’s look at what NOT to do…

DON’T throw in the towel.

The capital-T spiritual Truth is that you cannot have a sincere Desire without the way for it to be made manifest to also be present. In other words, it’s already here.

There are no halves in the universe. You cannot have a thing (the Desire) without the opposite of the thing (the way).

So your manifestation is not M-I-A. And you can’t chalk it up to “divine timing” or that “it’s not meant to be.”

It’s here, and it’s in your world. It must be. It is spiritual Law.

The problem is… you just can’t see it. Yet.

DON’T brush it off and pretend all is well.

Skilled manifestors know that “just think positive!” when you’re feeling like crap is not useful. Instead, they feel all the feels. They allow themselves BE with what is – without judging.

This is actually a very big deal. In order to transform, create, or call in anything, we first must be in radical love and rapport for where we are right now.

And – by the way! – it’s A-OK to be in two spaces at the same time: feeling like shizz and manifesting like a mofo. (Yes, really.)

DON’T beat yourself up, judge yourself or make yourself wrong.

Because really, what did you do “wrong,” anyway?

The Desire is here. You just haven’t called it in… yet.

And if the skill of manifesting on command was an innate, inborn “done deal” for all of us, everyone would have a zillion dollars.

So now that THAT’s out of the way… let’s look at what’s really going on when those big dreams or goals aren’t showing up… yet.

The spiritual laws work. Period. We accept that as fact.

(If you don’t accept that as fact… that’s cool. Debating the truth of the Laws is what my darling husband calls “a 4-beer conversation.” We can have tea. Or La Criox. Or whatever. Point is, that’s for another time. Here and now, the Law is the Law is the Law.)

It’s also true that you are a human Be-ing, in a physical body. A body with systems, functions, processes, and a brain. Which means you’re not going to call in everything you Desire the first time, every time. And there are very good reasons for that.

Sometimes you don’t call it in because the Desire isn’t truly aligned. You’re asking for what you think you can have or what you think will make others happy, instead of what you want.

But largely, your manifestations are not showing up because your beautiful Creatrix brain has other plans.

As humans, we’re born with a deep, primal urge to grow, expand and become self-actualized. (In Feminine Magic®, we call this Desire.)

We’re also born with four brains, the oldest of which (the reptilian brain) and the next to develop (the old mammal brain or limbic system) make up what is sometimes known as the “critter brain.”

The critter brain has been operating in the same paradigm since the caveman days. It is completely intolerant of change. Change equals a lack of safety. One of the limbic system’s main reasons for existing is to make you feel like sh*t. (An MIT-trained scientist let me in on that one. Fascinating stuff.)

Meanwhile, our more developed brain (the neocortex) is extremely sophisticated, desiring love, expansion, and full self expression.

Hello, complete and utter conflict of interest. Guess which one rules the roost?


Here’s the thing: all behavior and experience has a positive intention. Yes, even that “entire bag of Oreos” binge at 2 in the morning. Always. The critter brain lovingly steers us on autopilot, towards the same old things that we have survived before.

Why? Because it knows we can survive. Doesn’t matter if those things are agonizing and unwanted. To the critter brain, the only goal is not dying. If your heart is still beating, it’s good to go.

So you go to manifest a large amount of money… so big that the critter brain tripwires go off… it’s going to try to stop you. In the form of fear, discomfort and perceptions that back up its point of view (“I didn’t really want it anyway”).

The brakes are on underneath it all, and that push back can play out in the most subtle ways.

Sometimes it is as obvious as not taking some action that you’re being guided to take. But most times it’s hidden in beliefs and deeply entrenched patterns that are unconsciously running the show… even though your conscious self is actively calling it in.

That’s where it’s tempting to throw up your hands and say “Divine timing!!” or “maybe it wasn’t meant to be” or whatever.

But Divine timing doesn’t exist!

Because the Divine (or God / Goddess / Source / Universal Life Force)… doesn’t understand the concept of time or timing.

There’s only NOW.

If you truly Desire it… then it’s here. Right now.

So if you have a Desire, and the way to call it in hasn’t come to light, what CAN you do to put yourself in the perfect position to see it revealed?

Step 1: Consciously shift your perspective

Instead of energizing your frustration or making yourself bad or wrong, choose to be a neutral observer in the situation and GET CURIOUS.

Consciously shift your perspective.

I refer to this as witness consciousness or Magician Brain. And choosing this new point of view allows you to look at what’s really going on from a place of total neutrality.

Because if you can’t see your goal yet, there’s always a reason why and shifting your perspective is like checking your blind spot. Information will be revealed. (Maybe not all the information, but at least enough to get moving.)

Step 2: Reconnect to the Truth… with a capital T

So what’s the Truth?

The truth is that everything you want is already here and that YOU are in the driver’s seat of your manifestations. That if you Desire a thing, then the way for it to be made manifest is here.

So how does this help?

Well, one of the fastest ways to miss out on the miracle is to focus on your circumstances.

There’s no money in the bank account, you say. That may be factually accurate… but it is not truth. The TRUTH is, your Divine supply is unlimited and the money is here.

The truth is, 1000 possibilities and more exist in this given moment, right now. Don’t like the one in front of you? There is another one that is available to you. Always. Ask to be shown the one that is empowering, and take action from thatplace.

Step 3. Get really honest with yourself.

It’s really easy, when you’re sure you’re doing everything to call in a Desire, to buy into the “I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know” story your critter brain is cooking up…

I don’t know why it’s not here yet?

I don’t know why what I’m doing isn’t working?

I don’t know what’s keeping me from receiving?

Not so. You always know.

So from a place of pure curiosity, in full acceptance of the Truth and with radical honesty, you need to ask yourself…

What have you gotten the nudge to do, that you haven’t done?

What’s the pattern that’s playing out here?

What hidden payoff are you receiving by not having what you Desire? There is ALWAYS a payoff or benefit to any action you take. Even if the action (or inaction) leaves you feeling a negative emotion.

These are by no means easy questions to answer.

They require that you dig deep…

But even if you can’t answer them with full clarity right away, your honesty and willingness to tell the truth about your role in the situation brings you back to a place of power so you can see the way that is right in front of you.

Step 4. Let that shizz go!

Letting go is the linchpin because to manifest something of a higher nature, you have to let go of something of a lower nature. (It’s another Law, sometimes called – meep! – the Law of Sacrifice, and no, I did not make that up. 🙂 )

If what you’re manifesting hasn’t shown up yet, you have to let go of any discomfort, any story… anything you’re holding onto that isn’t serving you and keeping you from allowing it in.

How do you let go?

In Feminine Magic® we let go by decision and with ritual. Start with a few of my favorite rituals here.

Step 5: BE as the one who already has it – the vibration of having it already

If you read my blog, you’ve heard it before… the fastest way to call in what you want is to be in the energy of the one who has it already.

Why? Well, it’s NOT quite the way most manifesting teachers explain it. The house is not going to “vibrate in” simply because you somehow match the frequency of the house.

What will happen, though, is that the vibration of your THOUGHTS will be matched by thoughts of the same vibration, that then come into your awareness the form of an intuitive hit, nudge, line from a book, person, or message from the Universe.

In other words, you’ll actually be able to SEE the opportunity to have what you want. The way that already exists right in front of you, that had been invisible before.

No struggling, no “hunting and pecking,” no chasing the thing you want.

Embody, attract, receive.

If your actions haven’t led to results that you can see and touch… no worries. It’s only feedback. And you can shift it in a nanosecond.

You can align your energy with that of having it now. Not wishing or hoping or feeling, but ALL of your energy.

Step into that space, and embody it. This is what we do in The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting.

And you can do this too!

Begin with a daily practice of consciously creating the resonance of what you Desire. Add in the energy of allowing (and lightheartedness and ease and flow) as you go manifesting your Desires.

And as things shift, don’t forget to share the new aligned actions and opportunities that present as a result here in the comments.

We’re all cheering you on!

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