Happy Fourth of July weekend, if you’re here in the States! 

And a happy, connected, creative, restful, blissful day to you, wherever you are… 

Independence Day marks the day that our statement of autonomy from British rule – the Declaration of Independence – was officially approved. 

It’s a day that online entrepreneurs typically like to send out stirring emails about freedom and how entrepreneurship is the epitome of freedom, etc etc. 

These days, though – many of us are coming to grips with the actions of those who came before us, our own actions that lead directly to LACK of freedom for others, and systems of oppression that are still in full effect. 

Many of us are finally getting real with the fact that the American version of freedom is something quite different than what we have all been indoctrinated in for a very long time. 

I love my country.  Always have. 

My undergrad degree was in American Political Theory, and there was a time when I was on the path of a career in collective transformation (read: liberal politics and social justice) rather than helping others in their personal transformation. 

At this stage in the game, I simply can’t think about the 4th in the way that I used to. 

But the day is still here with us.  And Freedom, of course… is still a thing.  😎 

As Divine BE-ings, we are Soverign. 

There is the TRUTH of our Divine Sovereignty, regardless of circumstances here on the 3D plane.   

Much of our journey as humans is spent – consciously or unconsciously – seeking the inner sovereignty that actually… just is. 

And so… when I think about “freedom” on the Fourth of July, and all the work that lies ahead of America, to bring the external realities truly in line with the idea of “liberty and justice for all”…   

What I know is… every single day, I get to choose again. 

One, I can choose to make external choices in alignment with freedom for ALL, to the very best of my ability with a commitment to doing better. 

And two, I can choose INNER Freedom and Sovereignty for myself. 

I can choose to free myself from the illusions I’ve taken on, and the limitations I’ve placed on myself. 

I can choose to free myself from the patterns that were passed on – ancestrally, generationally, culturally, collectively, etc. 

I can choose to live into Divine Sovereignty that has been there the entire time. 

As a company (7-Figure Goddess®), we’re in the middle of a massive upleveling. 

Truthfully?  It doesn’t look like a whole lot on the outside… yet. 

I tend to go inward with these things and do a ton of work behind the scenes. 

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve seen me undergo a lot of these transformations over the years 

But this one is different.  Way different. 


So I’ve been in deep inquiry around the question: how do I want to show up? 

What is the vibrational signature that I want to be rocking now? 

What is the current expression of my Divine Nature – what we like to call your Highest Level… and the Divine Nature and Highest Level of the business itself? 

I love these kinds of questions. 

Because when you really go deep with them, and stay in the inquiry… you begin to see just how much is available to you, when you let yourself go there. 

In the non-physical realms… literally anything is possible.   

And if metaphysics teaches us anything at all…. it’s that what is available “up there” is also available to be created down here. 

Now… we never create in a vacuum.  Personal change IS collective change.  And some changes require ALL of us to get on board. 

But YOUR greatest power is still… your power to choose. 

And you can always choose to free yourself from that which no longer serves. 

For me… these days… the 4th of July is a day of letting go. 

It’s a day of choosing (or re-choosing) to no longer participate in things that I no longer want to be a part of. 

It’s a day of re-choosing the values I profess to believe in and stand by. 

And a day of choosing to let go of things that will NOT help us manifest our mission, or serve in the way I know we’re being asked to. 

It’s a day to say YES to yourself, too. 

So today, I’m doing a little bit of spring cleaning. 

I’m identifying even more things that have got to go. 

If you’re resonating with this, and it feels aligned… I would love for you to join me! 

Where are you ready to declare independence in your life? 

What, specifically, are you declaring independence from? 

WHO will you help as you create more independence for yourself… and who will you invite in to help you? 

(Because paradoxically – we get to let go of our attachment to independence… in order to really be independent.  But that’s another transmission.  😉 ) 

It’s not easy to really, truly choose Sovereignty.  

But… it already exists.  And today, you get to choose again. 

Have a beautiful day today, wherever you are and whatever you’re up to! 

And I would LOVE to know what you’re letting go of, and what you’re choosing today. 

Let me know in the comments on this post over in our Facebook group, Ultra-Premium Client Attraction.

Or anything else you’re called to share. 

July 4th is a sad day for some, and those feelings and experiences are welcome here, too. 

I’ve left my “let go”s in the comments on the post, so you can peep those as well.  😉 

Love & magic 


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