Recently, one of our clients was frustrated because her manifesting goals weren’t showing up fast enough.

After some processing, she concluded that she and the Divine must not be on the same timeline.

“I’m just going to let go and allow Divine timing to unfold,” she said.

Then she looked a little stunned as I shared that “Divine timing” as most people think of it isn’t accurate.

Indeed, 99.99% of what you may believe about “Divine timing” is wrong.

I know that might cause a bit of a record scratch in your brain.

After all, letting go is required for manifesting… right? (Right.)

If we want to become Spiritual Jedi we must accept that we don’t ever really have control over anything… right?

Let me explain…

I think we can all agree that some things take longer to manifest than we’d like.

You might set a goal for 6 months… only to have it take 2 years. Other times, something that is “supposed to” take a long time manifests in record speed.

And yet other times, the thing we Desire doesn’t seem to be manifesting at all, so we conclude that it’s not meant to be right now.

It’s not Divine timing, we may say.

Except there’s a big problem with that, vis-à-vis the Laws of the Universe.

When we have a sincere Desire, the way for it to be made manifest in our lives already exists. It’s in our world, right now.

The demand (your Desire) is not felt until the supply (the Way for you to have it) is ready to appear.

I didn’t make that up. This is the Law of Polarity. You can count on it as sure as the sun rises.

Then there’s another spiritual truth, in the process of being backed up by Science-With-A-Capital-S, which states that all spaces, dimensions and times exist in the NOW.

There is no time but right now. Therefore…

The timing is perfect.

The Divine, Source, Spirit… wants you to have it. Indeed, the Divine wants you to have it more than you do!

When? Right now.

By spiritual law, Divine timing is always now.

So what gives? If Divine timing is always now, and all time exists in the now… why isn’t it here now?

Quite simply, because we do not allow ourselves to receive it.

I’m a great example of this.

Back in early 2009, my life was kind of a mess. I’d left my last J-O-B two years earlier, and I still hadn’t really figured out how to get my business going. We were deep in debt and I was stressed out beyond belief.

Being the classic feminine high achiever, who had done all the “right” things, I felt like a failure. I couldn’t figure it out.

That was when I got the marching orders from Spirit, who I call Goddess.

“You’re going to teach magic, write books, and put the magic in the books,” She said.

I said, “You have me confused with someone else.”

And I made that classic move that we all make at some point or another when the Divine is asking us to step up…

I said no.

I didn’t accept the assignment.

I said, “I need more training, and I need to actually DO something to PROVE that I can manifest my way out of a paper bag, which by the way, I can’t right now; so there.”

So I went through coach training. I invested in mentors. I learned how to make money. I coached clients to make money. Seven years later, here I am, teaching magic exclusively.

Divine timing?


People were asking for this stuff back in 2009. My clients were fascinated. They wanted more.

I was the one who was terrified.

Do I regret becoming a business coach? Was it all a big detour?

No way. It’s one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done and has absolutely prepared me for everything in front of me now.

AND what’s also true is that the demand for my magical work was present all the way back then.  I could have stepped into it, and received it.

No “coulda, woulda, shouldas” here. It’s not bad or wrong…

…but it’s not “Divine timing.”

So if the timing really is perfect, what accounts for the huge crazy gap a lot of people experience between what they want and when it shows up?

Our level of growth.

Are we willing to be visible, claim it, let go of resistance, allow ourselves to be shown, follow the guidance, take the aligned actions and allow it in?

Most of the time, we resist. Big time. We tell ourselves stories, act out old programming, come up with a zillion excuses and all the other cute things we humans do when we begin to have a clue about what we truly Desire.

And therein lies the growth path.

I’m reminded of this when I talk to Hot Husband, who is an artist, about the creative process.

For artists, there’s the vision in our minds of what we want the finished piece to look like, he’ll say. And then there’s our skill set.

When those don’t line up, it can be really painful to lean into that gap. So instead we say: it’s not the right time, things aren’t lining up, yadda yadda.

But that’s not accurate. You would not have the Desire unless the way was already here!

Our resistance is not bad or wrong. It’s usually not even conscious!

Our resistance is the growth path.

There’s another aspect of this that requires mention, and that’s our expectation of what it “has to” look like.

I’ll use myself as an example again…

Even as a child, I knew that I was meant to live a creative life.   Creativity has always been my driver. I wanted to be surrounded by creative people doing creative things.

But growing up in a small town in Maine in the 80’s, a creative city like New York or London or Hollywood felt sooooooo far off that truthfully… I couldn’t even imagine it.

The creative path was for the hot guys in the imported British New Wave magazines I devoured at the time. (Oh man, am I ever dating myself.)

Not for me.

My 18-year-old self could have never imagined what I’d be doing creatively today! Back then the Internet as we know it did not exist. The coaching industry did not exist.

So was it Divine timing that I became a witch, a priestess, an engineer, then a coach, then finally a manifesting teacher?

Absolutely not.

Of course there was a way for me to be creative back then. I was surrounded by creative people doing creative things. Stephen King, the highest paid commercial fiction writer at that time, lived 10 minutes away. And he wasn’t exactly hiding out in his house.

It would have been a very different path… but the path was there. And I didn’t take it because I was not at a point in my growth where I could even see it.

Looking back now, my path has been just about perfect. But it was only ONE path of many, many, many. And the path was there all along.

So can we hold the perspective that everything unfolds in perfect order and timing?

I say YES. But we have to be careful not to be in the energy of bypass and giving up our power.

Instead, I invite you to be really honest with yourself – and notice the gap between what’s being asked of you and what you’re willing to allow.

It’s okay to be in that gap! It’s not about being wrong or judging or pushing yourself.

Indeed, being honest about where you are, and to love yourself in that gap, is a power secret to speeding up manifestation.

Above all, take ownership of your path. Blaming it all on “Divine timing” is still blame.

The coolest part is, as soon as you choose to bridge that gap, the outcome you want is going to be right there.

So the next time you’re tempted to blame Divine timing, PAUSE.

Instead, ask, “What is the choice that is being asked of me right now? Do I really want this? If so, what can I do to support myself in making that choice?”

Whatever your answer… it’s all good.

Whatever your answer, you’ll know where you are on your path. And you’re one step closer to receiving all your dreams in perfect order.

After all… they’re right there with you. You wouldn’t have them unless they were ready to appear.

And the power has always been in you, all along.

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