I awhile back I was listening to a transmission from one of my favorite humans, who was quoting Elizabeth Gilbert.

Something about how you have to act on an idea within 48 hours, or the energy is gone and passed and it’s dead forever.

I’m paraphrasing, here – and of course it went through MY filter, which means it sparked what I’m about to say, and what I’m about to say may not reflect what that person really meant.

In any case, what I have to say to that is twofold.

One, I’ve never heard such bullshit in my entire life.

(Like, “stop everything and write the post” level of bullshit.)

And two… wow.

I’m so, SO freaking glad that I don’t experience life or creativity that way.

First, the bullshit part.

Like most creatives, I have notebooks upon notebooks upon notebooks. They are all full of ideas.

I get ideas all the time.

Usually, I write them down.

In my experience, the ideas WILL absolutely run off if you don’t capture them. So I’m very disciplined about writing them down, even if it means getting out of bed at 2am or pulling over on the freeway or whatever.

I don’t really organize them, though. I have a little un-system, where I write the word “CONTENT” with a marker in some standy-out-y color and draw a rectangle around it, so I can find the CONTENT bits again when I’m flipping back trying to find CONTENT bits.

Notebooks upon notebooks upon notebooks. More ideas than I will EVER get to in this lifetime.

Wanna know what happens if I DON’T act right away on one that I really like, that I KNOW is meant for me?

It waits.



Instead of buggering off… or going to someone else…

It hangs out and patiently waits.

It either waits for me to BE the f’in person… (this was the case for many years, though not so much anymore)…

Or it waits until whatever the heck else I happen to be channeling passes through.

It waits its turn.

It waits in line.


“Highest Level” is a concept that came to me, like, back in 2010.

A year or so before that, I’d been told in no uncertain terms, “You’re here to be a part of the movement (not just you) to bring magic to the mainstream.”

And I thought, okay, we’ll start with the manifesting and the magic wands and the making things happen. But of course, magic really isn’t about ANY of that; magic is about embodying your Divine Nature on earth, and all the ways of that.

So I was all, okay, at some point this is going to be about that, and I started calling it “Highest Level.”

We shall see, I thought.

Around the same time (2009), I knew I had a whole set of manifesting teachings that were going to come through. I also knew that “coming through” meant they had to be embodied in ME, FIRST.

The first iteration of what is now Highest Level Manifesting came through in 2012. I was a basket case when I wrote it – all up in my witch wound, wondering which elder was going to smite me for breaking my oaths (though, let’s be real – I did not break my oaths) or which authority figure was going to bring the hammer down, because… you know, witch stuff. (When, you know, it’s not even really about witch stuff.)

The manifesting program WAITED.

Then it waited and waited and WAITED some more, as I continued to BE, and use the trainings myself, and see how they worked in the real world.

Nobody teaches manifesting like me. Didn’t then. Don’t now. Won’t in the future.

This is one of the things I’m meant to transmit. So you know what?

When required, it WAITS.

It waits in line.

It waits its turn.

As I write this, I have at least THREE major bodies of work that are waiting.

Last week, I had a “FUCK YES DROP EVERYTHING” come through.

Then I promptly put it in the queue.

Because my works don’t run the show. I run the show. And the next round of Highest Level Transformation edits are currently higher priority.

Do works wait because I’m all up in resistance?

Well, I’m sure there’s a little of that. Let’s be real.

But mostly, they wait because OTHER aspects of my purpose are front and center.

OTHER aspects of my purpose are also asking to be birthed.

The Gods and I determine the order of operations, the priority.

The works? They wait. Patiently.

They don’t bugger off. They stay with me.

Sometimes, I set up little energetic gardens and play spaces for them on the astral, so they have a place to hang out and chill and frolic and grow up and whatever else they’re going to do.

Because we all know (they and I) that they’re mine to do… until we decide for some reason that they aren’t.

So it doesn’t matter HOW long it takes for all the ball bearings to line up.

They hang out with me and wait.

The other aspect of this is, of course, the energetic aspect. The energy mastery.

The person who was transmitting was also saying something like, if you’re not riding the lightning when the idea hits, don’t expect to get it back. The energy is GONE, and it’s gone for good.

Also bullshit.

If you’re choosing to run the show, rather than allow your works to run you, you know exactly how to get that shit back, on command.

I can flip through those notebooks at ANY time and find one of those “CONTENT” boxes, and within about two seconds, be channeling full on, hooked into Source, riding the lightning.

Is it because I’m some master magician / channel / divine downloader?

Well, maybe. It’s a natural gift that I’ve CHOSEN to cultivate.

But mostly, it’s because I’ve taken the time to MAKE IT SO, so I don’t have to follow any bullshit rules about 48 hours and doing your ideas NOW or someone else will steal them and riding the lightning and whatever.

Here’s how all that 48 hour rule / ride-the-lightning-when-it-drops / do-it-or-it-gets-taken stuff lands with me…

LACK thinking.

“Ooo! Better do it now or someone else will!!!”

“Oooo! Gotta do it now or it’s gone!”

Seriously? Really? That’s where we are?

So, so glad that I don’t live my life that way.

Now, there IS some truth to the energy of ideas.

One of my old mentors, years ago, used to say, “Opportunity has an expiration date.”


Want to know what’s ALSO true?

You create your OWN opportunities, whenever and however you choose.

I’m not talking about allowing what-is-bespoke-to-YOU to whither away because you lacked the courage and discipline.

Courage is required. Discipline is required. Action is required.

And, as usual… YOU ALWAYS KNOW when you’re being shown to push everything else off the plate and Do The Thing Now.

You ALWAYS know when waiting is going to mean setting yourself back – whether it’s signing up for a program or Creating The Thing.

At the end of March 2018, when Highest Level Transformation came through for the first time… I happened to be miserable.

All my time was going to twiddling with our funnel for our manifesting course.

I’m not here to twiddle manifesting course funnels. I’m here to teach, lead, transmit, shift consciousness through Frequency.

I can still remember the “FUCK IT” moment. I pushed everything else off the plate, because I knew that was being asked.

Anything else would have been resistance.

But when you’re fully on purpose… quit worrying about resistance, trust yourself, set up some energetic containers for your ideas… and allow them to WAIT.

When you have an idea, and you don’t act on it… it may pass on to someone else.

Who cares!

In my experience, those ideas are NOT-bespoke. They’re for someone else.

No big!

At least half of my ideas are someone else’s to do. No problem! Thanks for stopping by on the way to your final destination, idea.

But the ones that ARE mine to do?

They’ll wait for years if they have to. And the waiting is joyous, and abundant.

Because soon… SOON… when all the ball bearings line up, and the other calls of my Highest Level have been answered…

We’ll be together.

And we’ll make something beautiful. Outrageous. Amazing.


Love & magic,

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